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Rules and Procedures


All students have a right to an education as long as they do not violate or interfere with the teaching/learning process of other students. This includes the rights of other students in their ability to learn and to teachers in their ability to teach.


Each teacher will develop his or her own rules appropriate to their own particular grade level, and students must adhere to the classroom standards set by their teacher. Rules will be posted in each classroom.


  1. Food is to be eaten in the cafeteria. Snacks are to be eaten in the classroom. Gum, candy and sunflower seeds are not allowed on the playground.
  2. Students are not to be in the hallways without a pass.
  3. Be safety conscious. Flips, cartwheels, etc. are not permitted on the yard.
  4. Climbing on the trees and pulling off leaves and branches is not permitted.
  5. Do not swing on the bars by room 10A
  6. Balls brought to school must be clearly marked with the student’s name. Soccer balls, tennis balls, basketballs, etc. are permitted. Bats and hard balls are not allowed. Balls and toys are not permitted on playground equipment. No Frisbees.
  7. Touch football is permissible. Tackling is not allowed.
  8. Tag – Do not play tag in the sand area or on the blacktop. Play tag on a grassy area (only when there is adult supervision). Do not push when playing tag.
  9. Sand – Do not throw sand. Do not pick up sand when it is windy. It may end up blowing in someone’s eyes.
  10. Playfighting can lead to real fights, therefore, playfighting is not allowed.
  11. Students are not allowed to play near or around the portable classrooms.
  12. Keep off the gates, fences, and walls.
  13. Drinks and bathroom breaks are to be completed before the bell sounds.
  14. Speak courteously and in an appropriate voice.
  15. Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  16. Line up immediately at the sound of the bell.
  17. The hill by the railroad tracks is off limits.
  18. The library and cafeteria courtyards are off limits
  19. Walk on the blacktop and concrete
  20. No tag or chase games in sand areas
  21. No playing in bathrooms or at water fountains
  22. No wet paper towels on playground


  1. No playing on P.E. bars by room 10
  2. Slides – Go down slide the correct way. No jumping off or hanging from the slide. Do not sit on jackets or sweatshirts when going down slide. Do not walk up the slide. Do not slide down when someone is still on the slide. Do not block the top of the slide and prevent others from using it.
  3. Wooden Jungle Gym – No running in and out of gym. No jumping off.
  4. Monkey Bars – Only 1 person at a time going across. Must have use two hands. No hanging on side of bars, no chicken fights, no pulling each other’s legs, no sweaters or jackets tied to bars. Do not sit on top of the bars.
  5. Handball Courts – Do not use tiny rubber balls or super balls
  6. Tetherball – Two fouls constitutes an out. If students argue, both are out. No flying saucers (grabbing the rope and swinging the ball). No “catchies.” No “chancies” or friendships. No cuts or saving places in lines. Two wins and you are out. Climbing pole to get the ball is an out. No “King’s Court” or “Queen’s Court” or “Server’s Rules.” No unusual calls such as “bubble-ups”, “set-ups”, etc. Only 1 challenge court. No two feet in the middle.
  7. Glide – Use both hands. Don’t push anyone that is using the glide. Don’t help anyone grab the glide handle. If you can’t reach the handrail you can’t play on it.




  1. Enter and leave the cafeteria quietly.
  2. Talk quietly and courteously.
  3. When buying lunch, have your money out and dollar bills unfolded.
  4. Move through the lunch line quickly.
  5. Keep your hands, feet, and objects to yourself.
  6. Leave playground balls in equipment box. Do not take them to the tables.
  7. When your have finished your lunch and your area is clean raise your hand to be dismissed.
  8. Leave your table only with permission.
  9. Once you leave the cafeteria you are not permitted to return.


Last Modified on December 12, 2012