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What's happening at Joshua Hills
This Black History Celebration is called Stop, Look, and Listen.

The presentation shows students displaying their projects on slavery and code/message songs like Follow The Drinking Gourd. There were time lines tracing from the beginning when there were African Kings and Queens and the wonderful achievements they made; then to slavery; the civil rights movements; to modern day achievers and history makers.
Richard Parsons the CEO of Time Warner was highlighted; and a presentation on What If There Were No Black People in the World and how all the inventions that were invented by black people would have changed the world drastically if they hadn't been invented, for example the ironing board, air conditioner, comb, brush, traffic signal, ink pen, printing press, mop, dust pan, and many more inventions.
Displaying their creativity.
Explaining their presentation.
Reporting her findings.
Another great project
Discussing Dr. King
A group presentation.
Last Modified on December 12, 2012