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Palmdale School District Dress Code


On campuses without a school uniform policy, the following district dress standards have been established. A student’s dress and general appearance should not be such that it draws undesirable attention to the student, nor should dress and appearance detract or interfere with teaching and learning in the classroom and on the campus. It is expected that all students shall maintain their person and clothing in a modest, clean, and age appropriate fashion consistent with our dress code and compatible with the instructional program.  Dress code reflects our community’s concerns. Determination of inappropriate dress rests solely with site administrators. As styles change, we reserve the right to modify dress code policy as needed to keep our schools safe and gang free. Proper notification of changes in dress code regulations will be provided.


The Palmdale School District requires that:


  • Students attending school must be clean and properly groomed. Clothing worn to school must fit appropriately and be neat and clean. Oversized, baggy, or saggy clothing, tears, holes, patches, slits in seams, and ragged hems in clothes and/or shoes are not permitted.

  • Clothing, logos, or accessories that are offensive, profane, or promote gangs, drugs, violence, or disruptive behavior are prohibited. Tattoos of any kind or writing on the body are not allowed on campus.

  • Closed footwear that covers the entire foot must be worn for safety reasons. Open sandals, high heel shoes, slippers, and flip flops are hazardous and are not appropriate for school.

  • Jewelry and accessories that are unsafe and/or dangerous like studded belts and wristbands, metal belts, long chains, and dangling or large hooped earrings are not permitted. Only ears may be pierced and must be adorned with stud earrings only. Belts should be appropriately fitted, placed through belt loops, and not hang down as a tail.

  • Hemmed slacks, jeans, and shorts which are appropriately fitted at the waist and at the leg inseam and/or crotch area may be worn. Cut off jeans, tight pants, and sweats; biker shorts, tight or short shorts, and boxer shorts or shorts that look like boxer shorts are prohibited. Undergarments may not be visible.

  • Hats, headbands, headgear, bandanas, hair nets and combs in the hair are not permitted. Only sunglasses required for medical reason may be worn at school.

  • Shirts and blouses must not be oversized and are to be buttoned properly. Shirts of excessive length and shirts with tails must be worn tucked inside of pants. Shirts must be appropriately fitted at the shoulders. Shirts of proper length designed to be untucked, sweaters and sweat shirts may be worn out. Tank tops, tube tops, halter tops, crop tops, or any other piece of clothing that exposes excessive skin is prohibited.

  • Hair must be of a natural color and not be worn (styled) in a manner that brings excessive attention to the student (i.e. Mohawks or hair that has been shaved with messages and/or designs).

  • Personal grooming items must be kept in the backpack at all times and not be taken out in the classroom, cafeteria, or playground.
Last Modified on August 6, 2013