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Rules and Procedures

*It is not possible to cite every rule for every situation.  Many rules will be oral and some written rules will change because of changing conditions or situations.


  • Play equipment should be used on the proper area of the playground.
  • Run and chase games are not permitted around the play equipment.
  • Play all games according to their rules.
  • Walk around games and not through them.
  • Use balls for their designed purpose.
  • Always keep your hands and feet to yourself.
  • Act courteously toward one another. You are not allowed at the basketball courts unless a coach is present. If nobody is there you must wait for a coach to show up.  


Each teacher will develop his or her own rules appropriate to their own particular grade level, and students must adhere to the classroom standards set by their teacher.


Playground Equipment

  1. The yellow circles designate the front of the line. Wherever there is a yellow circle, students must line-up and wait their turn.
  2. When climbing up the spirals, ladders, etc., the students may only go in one direction, up not down.
  3. When using the slide, students must keep their feet in front of them, seated on their bottoms and wait to slide until the person ahead of them has safely slid off the slide. You are never allowed to climb up the slides.
  4. When using the sliders only one student at a time.  Chicken fighting is not allowed.
  5. The swings are to be used only with the student sitting down. The students should all be facing toward the playground equipment and swinging only in a back and forth motion, not sideways. The students should be waiting on the blacktop and should be counting to 50 to get their turn.  Each swing equals one count. Jumping off the swing is never allowed.  
  6. Jump ropes are to be used for jumping only and should be kept a safe distance away from other games.
  7. Tetherballs should be played with two players only. Sitting on the tetherball and kicking the tetherball is not allowed. Players waiting their turn need to wait on the outside of the circle.
  8. When playing handball the players should play by the established rules.  
  9. The basketball courts are to be used with only one ball per court. Players should follow all basketball rules. Students are not allowed to hang on the rims.
  10. The soccer fields should be used in a safe manner, following all official soccer rules. Slide tackles and unnecessary physical contact is not allowed.
  11. Food is not to be eaten outside unless supervised by the classroom teacher and must be eaten near a trashcan.
  12. Students are not to be in hallways without a pass.
  13. Be safety conscious. DO NOT do flips, cartwheels, karate type kicks or any type of play fighting.
  14. Balls brought to school must be clearly marked with the student’s name.  Soccer balls, basketballs, etc. are permitted only with teacher permission.
  15. Bats and hard balls are not allowed.
  16. Tackling is not allowed.
  17. Play-fighting usually leads to real fights.  Do not play-fight.
  18. Students are not allowed to play near or around the classrooms.
  19. Keep off the gates, fences, and walls.
  20. Drinks and bathroom breaks are to be completed before the sound of the whistle.
  21. Speak courteously and in an appropriate voice.
  22. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  23. Line up immediately at the sound of the whistle.
Last Modified on December 13, 2012