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Policies and Procedures
Closed Campus

The Palmdale School District requires Tumbleweed School and other district schools to maintain a "closed campus" for the safety and protection of all children. Students must stay on the school grounds from the time they arrive until dismissal at 3:00 p.m. unless they are signed out through the office by a parent or another adult listed on the emergency card.


Student Dismissal During School Hours (Early Dismissal)

Tumbleweed School has had a rise in the number of students leaving before the end of the school day. While we know that sometimes this cannot be avoided, we do ask for your help. Please do everything you can to avoid picking your child up prior to the end of the school day. Early dismissal after 1:30 PM will not be honored.

When children are picked up early, a call must be made to the classroom. This disrupts not only your child's education, but the education of all of the students in the classroom. It causes children to miss important information and takes away a part of their school experience.

Students dismissed during school hours must be signed out in the office by the person checking the student out of school. Students can only be released to the parent(s) or to the persons indicated on the students emergency card.

There will be NO over the phone releases unless approved by the administrative staff. In an emergency situation, when a parent needs a student released to someone other than the persons indicated on the emergency card, the parent must do the following:

  • Send a written request, signed by the requesting parent, with the person who will be responsible for picking up the student. The request needs be to signed by the parent who registered the student for verification purposes.
  • Provide the name and description of the person you authorize to pick up your son or daughter (the authorized person must show proper identification).

Non-custodial parents may not pick students up at school unless the emergency card so states or the custodial parent gives permission according to the guidelines listed above. Any dismissal that leaves the students welfare in question shall be handled at the discretion of the site administrator or designee. Should any such situation become a disruption to the school, the Sheriffs office will be contacted and an officer will be requested to intervene. We respectfully request that parents make every attempt NOT to involve school sites in custody matters.

School Visits

Parents and teachers benefit from a good working relationship that makes an open exchange of information regarding student learning and development possible. Parents are encouraged to visit the school to discuss their child's progress with the teacher.

Visits may be arranged by telephoning the teacher at the school. (Teachers will return parent calls before or after school). All visitors must report to the office and obtain a visitors pass before going to individual classrooms.

Change of Address / New Home Phone Numbers

It is imperative that there is always someone listed on your sons or daughters emergency card who may be contacted in case of accident, illness, or in an emergency situation. In case of a change of address, phone number, doctor, baby-sitter, or any question of guardianship, please advise the office in writing immediately.

Photo Release:

From time to time, the newspapers come to school to take pictures of activities in which the students are participating. In order for the picture to be used, we must have permission on file in our office. Please see the back of the emergency card and check the appropriate box giving your permission. Without permission, your child will be excluded from all pictures.

Dogs on School Grounds:

Dogs are prohibited on school grounds at any time. When they do appear, the Los Angeles County Department of Animal Control holds them for pickup.


Students are dismissed at: Kindergarten AM 11:27 pm, Kindergarten PM and 1st -  6th grades 3:00 p.m. Kindergarten AM pick-up/Drop Off is at the East Gate. Kindergarten parents must walk to the gate to retrieve their child and walk their child to the gate to bring them to their teacher. Parents/Visitors/ or authorized personnel who will be picking the students up are requested to wait outside the school gates until the dismissal bell rings. Older school age siblings are requested to wait outside the school gates to meet their siblings. Please use extreme caution when driving a vehicle around the school at this time.