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KEARNS:  Kindergarten SDC 


 Our class is working on beginning sounds; Rr, Ss and Tt. We are also working on rhyming sounds and colors too.girl


In math we are working on the numbers 0-5 and the meaning of fewer and more.


An upcoming project in our classroom will be really fun and exciting is our family project, “All about Families.”  We are making book safes too!


Parent Reminders:   Please remember to label your children’s jackets, backpacks, lunch boxes and any other personal item that they bring to school.  Also, please remember to call our school office at 661-265-9357, when you child is going to be absent from school.  This is very important.


Donated class supplies are always appreciated.  Our class could use magazines, shoe boxes (for book safes), salt and vegetable oil!


Thank you,

Mrs. Kearns

PRINDLE: Kindergarten


Ms. Prindle's Kindergarteners are working on letters Ss and Mm.  The class is also exploring AB patterns and the numbers 0-5.  Her students enjoy learning their colors and making beautiful works of art with their new knowledge of color.  An exciting upcoming project with be learning Rainbow words.  Ms. Prindle's students are enjoying their kindergarten year.  She has many exciting new experiences for her students for the 2010-2011 school year.


Parent Reminders:  Please return the yellow emergency cards!


Class Supplies:  Parents, our classroom could always use donations....packages of white printer/copy paper are always appreciated!


Thank you,

Ms. Prindle


FRANZ: Kindergarten SDC


Our class is working on their beginning sounds and rhyming words.  We are also discovering our high frequency words:  I see.


We are working on letters in the alphabet.  Right now we are focusing on the letters Rr, Ss and Tt.


In mathematics, we are working on our numbers 0-5; we are working on understanding the meaning of more and fewer.


We are working on our colors….this is so exciting!


A really cool project that we are starting in our class is a family project – “All about Families.”  This will be a great adventure as we learn about our own family.

We will also be creating book safes (we will need shoe boxes for the project).


Parent Reminder:  Please label all jackets, backpacks and lunch boxes.  Also, please remember to call the school office (661-265-9357) if your child is going to be absent.


Our class needs many supplies.  If you could donate any of the following items, we would be so happy!

Magazines, shoe boxes, salt and vegetable oil.


Thank you,

Ms. Franz

Last Modified on December 11, 2009