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Third Grade

WYGANT:  Third Grade


Our class is working really hard in math; addition and subtraction! 


In language arts, we are learning about how to write good sentences and we are learning about common and proper nouns.


In social studies, we are learning about communities.


Our upcoming project is going to be made of salt!  Our class will be preparing a salt dough model of the state of California!  A salt dough recipe will be coming home with your child very soon. 


Parent reminder:  Please make sure your child is returning his/her behavior cards on Monday mornings!


Our classroom would appreciate donations of Xerox paper, notebook paper…any kind of paper!  Kleenex tissues and pencils too!

Thank you so much,

Mrs. Wygant

Dear Parent(s),

Our class will be making a model of California on Wednesday, November 17th. I am asking that each child bring in one bag of salt dough and a 12in. x 12 in. piece of cardboard. Below you will find the recipe for salt dough. Please try to make it the night before your child needs to bring it to class so that it does not dry out. I am asking that if you are able to send an extra bag of salt dough it would be greatly appreciated. This will ensure that every student has a bag of dough.

Thank you,

Mrs. Wygant

Salt dough recipe

-1 cup of salt
- 2 cups of flour
3/4 to 1 cup of lukewarm water (the amount of water depends on relative humidity).

Mix the salt and flour together in a salad bowl, using a wooden spatula. Then add the water until a large ball has formed. Knead at length on a lightly floured work surface (somewhere smooth and easy to clean). The quality of dough you finish with will depend on the time spent on kneading.


If the dough is sticky (too much water), add a mix in the right proportions of flour and salt.
Place salt dough in an air tight ziplock bag.


HATCHER:  Third Grade


Our class is working really hard in addition and subtraction.  We are also beginning to learn multiplication!


In reading, our class is working on the use of nouns, predicates and sentence structure. 


Very soon, our class will be working on the “Celebration-Coat of Arms”.  This is an exciting project, and we will all really enjoy working on this together!


Parent Reminder:  Please read daily with your child for 15 minutes.  Please review their take-home folders every day.


Our class is in need of pencils, pencil sharpeners, dry erase markers, binder paper and Kleenex tissue.  If anyone would like to donate any of these items to our class, we would be very appreciative!


Thank you,

Ms. Hatcher

LEVINE:  Third Grade


Our class is busy in math.  We are learning about subtraction and regrouping. 


In reading and language arts, we are reading a really great story called “Anthony Reynoso: Born to Rope.”  This story is about the modern American lifestyle of nine-year-old Anthony Reynoso and his efforts to learn how to rope and ride Mexican Rodeo style, school, hobbies, and adventures while exploring the ancient carved rocks near his Arizona home.


Parent Reminder:  Please remember on Monday’s your child will bring home his/her weekly progress card.  Please sign the card and have your child return it on Tuesday.


Our class would be excited to receive donations of pencils, paper, dry erase markers and Kleenex tissue!


Thank you,

Mrs. Levine


Last Modified on December 11, 2009