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Fourth Grade

HOWARTH:  Fourth Grade

In Language arts, our class is beginning Theme 2, “American Stories.”  These exciting stories will teach my students about American families and their cultures.


Our class is working really hard on building their vocabulary, and improving their fluency and comprehension skills.


In Math, they are working on multiplication and division.


Some of our upcoming projects are learning about Native Americans in California and completing written and illustrated reports.


Our clinic class is putting together a PowerPoint presentation on the “Titanic.”


Parent Reminders:  Your child’s planner should be checked and signed every week.  Progress reports go home every Friday and need to be signed and returned every Monday.


Our class can always use boxes of Kleenex tissue, Xerox paper, small covered pencil sharpeners and pencil cap erasers if you would like to make a donation to our class!


Thank you,

Mrs. Howarthgeography

LARY:  Fourth Grade


Our class uses AVID daily….It works if you work it!


My class will make sedimentary rocks during science.  The students will enjoy the process and learn how the particles dry inside the glue to make the sedimentary rocks.


Parent Reminder:  Please talk to your child and read to your child.  Please take him/her to the library and listen to your child read.


Our class can always use donations!  We need Kleenex if you would like to donate a box or two to our class!  J


Thank you,

Ms. Lary

THACKER:  Fourth Grade

Our class is working on their reading fluency and comprehension, along with working on our writing skills. 


In Math, we are working on multiplication and division facts.


An exciting adventure through California is going to take place in our classroom, as we work on our California regions student books.  This will be full of great information and enjoyment for my students.


Parent Reminder:  Please check your child’s planner every night.  Make sure they know their times tables and read every night for at least 20 minutes.


Our class always appreciates donations.  If you would like to help our class we could use baby wipes and Kleenex tissues.


Thank you,

Mr. Thacker


Last Modified on December 11, 2009