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Other Plaza Programs


The Learning Plaza is a "school of choice" for the Palmdale School District.  We offer two specialized programs that are not available elsewhere in this district.  Lack of commitment or effort toward the goals of our two programs may result in your child being moved to another program or dropped from our school and returned to their home school.


The Full Day Kindergarten program at Palmdale Learning Plaza is planned to provide developmentally appropriate instruction and practice in all academic areas. The Language Arts, Math and Science curriculum planned includes sequential, integrated hands-on activities that build appropriate academic skills. Visual arts, drawing, and physical education are also part of our daily activities. Parent involvement throughout the year is strongly encouraged and appreciated.


All students will participate in developmentally appropriate physical activities. The quality and productivity of each individuals life is enhanced through participation in a comprehensive program. Teachers will provide a variety of activities for the students to participate in. Students may be excused from physical education if they provide a signed note from their parent/guardian, explaining why they should be excused and for how long. Students may be excused for up to three school days with a parental note. Students who are excused due to illness for more than three days must provide a note signed by a doctor. Students are expected to be dressed appropriately for their physical education class.