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Rules and Procedures
School/Class Interruptions

In order to maximize our students’ learning experience throughout the day, we will only interrupt a class in case of an emergency.  If you are leaving something for your child (for example: homework, books, lunch, a message, etc.), we will keep it in the office until the end of the period, at which time we will contact the teacher and make the appropriate arrangements.  
Release of Students During School Hours

Parents or guardians wanting their child released during school hours must do so through the office. The person checking the student out must sign the release form in the office. Students will only be released to the parent(s) or emergency contacts indicated on the student’s emergency card and must show ID. There will be NO over the phone releases. In emergency situations when a parent needs a child released to someone other than the persons indicated on the emergency card, the parent must do the following:

  1. Send a written request, signed by the requesting parent, with the person who is picking up the child. The request needs to be signed by the parent who registered the child for verification purposes.
  2. Provide the name and description of the person you are authorizing to pick up your child. (The person must show proper identification.)
Instances where these steps are not followed will result in the student being released in the usual manner at the end of the school day.

Any student release that leaves the student’s welfare in question shall be handled at the discretion of the site administrator or designee.

School/Class Visitation Policy

Parents and teachers benefit from a good working relationship that makes an open exchange of information regarding student learning and development possible.  Parents are encouraged to visit the school to discuss their children’s progress with the teacher.

To minimize potential interruptions to learning, we ask that the following guidelines
  1. Schedule the visit ahead of time with the teacher
  2. Time and length of stay will be at the discretion of the teacher
  3. Sign in and out on the Visitor Log in the school office
  4. Please leave siblings or other small children at home
  5. Avoid engaging students in conversation, unless invited to do so by the teacher
Visits may be arranged by telephoning or e-mailing the teacher at the school. (Teachers will return parent calls before or after school).  All visitors must report to the office and obtain a visitor’s pass before going to individual classrooms.

Student Body Identification Cards (Student I.D.)

Each Shadow Hills Intermediate School student will need a student photo I.D. Card.  The initial I.D. card is given free of charge.  There will be a $5.00 fee for replacement I.D. cards if lost.   Students are to have their I.D. cards in their possession at all times while attending school or at any school-sponsored events.  Failure to carry the I.D. card may result in disciplinary action.

Student I.D. Cards are needed for the following:
  1. Checking out books from the library.
  2. Entrance into the lunch line.
  3. Entrance to all sports events.
  4. Entrance to all dances.
  5. Checking out balls, sports equipment, etc. for noon activities.
  6. Bus riding privileges.
  7. Picking up off-campus lunch pass or bus pass from the office.
  8. Picking up yearbook, promotion certificate, etc. at end of the year.
  9. Participation in fundraisers.
Student Phone Calls

Students will be permitted to make phone calls from school only in case of an emergency.  The emergency situation must be conveyed to an administrator before removing a student from class to accept or make a phone call.  Forgotten homework or after school social arrangements do not constitute emergency situations.  This type of arrangement must be made outside of the school day.   Students may not receive phone calls, a message will be taken and delivered to the classroom.
Last Modified on October 5, 2012