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Supplemental Programs and Services

Supplementary Programs and Services

Title 1

Title 1 provides services from federal monies for identified students. These services are in addition to the basic program supplied to all students by the Palmdale School District. Title 1 supplementary services may consist of additional instruction by an instructional aide, participation in a laboratory program, guidance and health services, additional instructional materials and parent education.


EL funded bilingual programs offer instruction to limited English speaking students primary language, and seek to develop fluency in English, reinforcing positive self-concepts, provide equal opportunity for academic achievement and promote cross-cultural understanding.

Gifted and Talented Education (GATE)

The GATE program provides services to students who have been identified as gifted and talented, based on a battery of testing and evaluation instruments which are given to the student following a teacher or parent referral. GATE programs are designed to extend, enrich and more fully involve the GATE student in the curriculum at a level that he or she can best understand.

Special Education

Special education services are available to school-age children with identified learning problems. These services are available to students who have been qualified as requiring assistance outside the general education classroom either part or full time. Student eligibility for these services is determined by an Individualized Education Planning (IEP) team in compliance with existing state and federal laws.


Services for students with language and articulation needs are available during the week. Student eligibility for these services is determined by assessment and an Individualized Education Planning (IEP) team in compliance with existing state and federal laws.

Accelerated Reader Program

The Accelerated Reader program is used at Barrel Springs to motivate and assess students as they progress in reading. The Accelerated Reader Program allows teachers to assess each students individual reading level based on national standards. Once a students reading level is determined, the students can be matched with appropriate books to read that will encourage and motivate them to continue reading. The Accelerated Reader program allows students to earn reading points for each book they have read while promoting good reading comprehension skills. Students then take quizzes about each book they have read in order to earn reading points and assess their comprehension of each book. Students are then rewarded for top comprehension scores and large reading point totals.  You can get a list of our AR books and tests at the Palmdale Youth Library.

Rites of Passage Experience (R.O.P.E.)

Barrel Springs offers a special program called ROPE that is designed to assist struggling third, fourth and fifth grade students become more successful in school and young adulthood. The program accepts students that can benefit from the mentoring practices, especially African American and Latino males. ROPE provides students the opportunity to develop positive relationships and create meaningful discussions, activities and environments that foster a mentoring approach for learning while building self-esteem.

All students in ROPE are expected to meet District adopted standards in core curricular areas. The program will ensure equal access to the curriculum in the area of identified weakness regardless of ethnicity or achievement levels.

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