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English Learner Programs



Geoff Brown, Director
Migrant, Immigrant, and English Learner Programs
Migrant, Immigrant, and English Learner Programs
Title III - Immigrant Program
EL Advisor / EL Leaders / EL Instructional Coaches
CELDT Training
LAS Training
DELAC Parent Workshops
ELAC Advisor / Trainer

Maria Barriga
Bilingual Administrative Secretary
Migrant, Immigrant, and English Learner Programs
Title III - Immigrant Program
CELDT Testing/Training
Data Analysis/Documents/Training Assists with ELD Curriculum and Assessment Technology Support

Marilem Castro
District Translator
District Translations

Lizbet Dunning
CBET Community Program Liaison
MIgrant Education
Parent Involvement
Parent Workshops
Provide Community Services Information

Ivonne Giusto
Bilingual Instructional Assistant

Language Assessment Services
(Welcome & Enrollment Center)


The English Learner Department is part of Palmdale School District Educational Services Division.  Our department addresses and monitors the programs and services related to English Learners (EL). English Learners are students whose first language is a language other than English and who are not fluent in English upon entering a school in California. Federal and State law mandate programs and services for English language learners.


It is the mission of the English Learner Department is to ensure high, rigorous standards for English learners and to encourage authentic parent involvement in their child’s education and their school’s governance.


  • Increase awareness of the role of language and culture in learning.
  • Promote research-based, best practices and instructional strategies for use with English learners.
  • Encourage authentic parent involvement in their child’s education.
  • Provide and promote professional development opportunities.
  • Develop cultural competence.
  • Advocate bilingualism and Biliteracy.
  • Foster an environment appreciative of diversity and intolerant of racism.

Last Modified on August 13, 2014