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English Learner Programs
  • President: 

1.      Develop agendas with the principal. 

2.      Conduct the meetings. 

3.      Other duties as determined in the local ELAC By-laws.

4.      Reads the minutes of the previous meeting.

5.      Get input from the members and listens to concerns. 


  • Vice President: 

1.      Assist the President in conducting the meetings. 

2.      Conduct meetings in the absence of the President. 

3.      Other duties as determined by the local ELAC By-laws. 



  • Secretary:

1.   Needs to be present at all the meeting.

2.      Writes detailed minutes of the meeting wit the assistance of the ELAC advisor.

3.      Makes certain that the comments and advice from the members are included in the minutes.

4.      Informs members of all the meeting dates and place of the meeting.

5.      Informs the office of the meetings and posts the agenda in the office. 


  • DELAC Representative:


    1. Attend DELAC meetings.

            2.  Report on interests and needs back to the ELAC at the school.

Last Modified on October 11, 2013