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Teacher Created PowerPoints

Links to other websites containing teacher created Power Points

http://jc-schools.net/PPTs-science.html                                 http://www.worldofteaching.com/                                                   http://www.vickiblackwell.com/ppttemplates.html
http://www.seaford.k12.de.us/it/pp/home.htm                      http://www.esu5.org/techteacher/powerpoint.htm                          http://www.pppst.com/     
 These Power Point lessons were created by teachers in Palmdale School District.  If you would like to post to this site please contact Rebecca Cooksey.
Kindergarten First Grade Second Grade Third Grade Fourth Grade Fifth Grade Sixth Grade Seventh Grade Eighth Grade
Chicks Contractions Coin Value Fantasy vs Reality Main Idea Chronological Order Text Features Figurative Language Early American Culture
Seasons Inflection Money Synonyms Cause and Effect Drawing Conclusions Character Traits Simpliflying Numerical Expressions Early Colonies Have Mixed Success
Homes Palabras que riman Problem Solving Subject and Predicate Review Author's Purpose Make an Inference Elements of Poetry Founding the Middle and Southern Colonies
Nouns Fact Families Punctuation Story Setting Main Idea Triangle Tutorial New England Colonies
Shapes HM Carousel Graphs Theme Science- Volume Challenges to the New Government
Patterns HM Jalapeno Bagels Problem Solving Fact and Opinion
Understanding Plays
Ancient China
Colonial Resistance Grows
Shapes HM Theme 4 Two Days in May Text Features 5 paragraph essays Ancient Egypt Confederation to Constitution
Sound Spelling Cards HM Theme 5 Brothers and Sisters Meaningful Sentences Figurative Language Ancient Greece Creating the Constitution
HM Theme 5 Families Research Skills Triangle Tutorial Ancient India Declaring Independence
HM Theme 5 Thunder Cake Division Exponents Ancient Isreal Jefferson Takes Office
Test Your Best Multiplication Ancient Rome Launching a New Republic 1789-1800
Theme 5 Ellen Ochoa Word Problems Ancient Man New England
Theme 5 Theodore Roosevelt Interpreting History Problems with Foreign Powers Quiz
Theme 5 Focus on Biography Map Skills Ratifying the Constitution
Theme 6 Moses Goes to a Concert Mesopotamia Roots of Representative Government
Theme 6 Murals The Backcountry Quiz
Theme 6 The Art Lesson The Federalists in Charge
Theme 6 The School Mural The French and Indian War
Sight Words 2 The Louisiana Purchase
Sight Words 3 The Middle Colonies
Sight Words 4 The Southern Colonies
Sight Words 5 The Road to Lexington and Concorde
Washington's Presidency
Evolution and Genetics