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Head Start




The Parent Committee is the means by which the parents come together and make decisions about activities for themselves and for their children. Parents will assist the teacher in planning the program for the children and for themselves. Working together and working with the teaching staff, the parent committee is able to plan field trips, special events, and make recommendations for the improvement of the program. The parent committee will have the opportunity to design and implement activities that will strengthen the skills of the parents as teachers and advocates and to discuss when to use parent activity funds to help carry out proposed activities (1304.50(d)(2)(iii).


  1. Parent Committees must be comprised of the parents of children currently enrolled at the center level (1304.50(a)(2).
  2. Each center will form a Parent Committee; one A.M. and one P.M., when there are three or less classrooms in the center only one parent committee will be formed.
  3. Early Head Start will form one Parent Committee.


  1. Each Parent Committee will elect officers to conduct the meetings:  Chairperson, Vice-Chairperson, Secretary, and Treasurer.
  2. Monthly Parent Committee meetings shall be scheduled on the monthly Parent Calendar by the Parent Involvement Facilitator to meet the convenience of parents.
  3. All meetings shall be announced and posted at least five (5) days in advance.
  4. Each Parent Committee will elect one parent to serve as a Policy Committee Representative who communicates program information to the parent committee, is involved in the development of the program, and also elect one parent Alternate to the Policy Committee who shall act as the Representative in the absence of the elected Representative. The Representative from Early Head Start will also be the Policy Council Representative for LACOE.
  5. Time shall be allotted to plan programs and activities, discuss what parents would like to do, what they would like to learn and to discuss how these ideas can be carried out.
  6. Time shall be allotted to work with the teaching staff to help plan and develop activities for the children.
  7. Time shall be allotted for a report given by the P.C. representative.
  8. Time shall be allotted for component information and workshops.
  9. At each meeting there shall be a teaching staff and Family Community Liaison present. (FCL).
  10. A vote must take place for any activity planned and documented in the minutes.
  11. Documentation:
    • Sign-In Sheet
    • Agenda
    • Minutes
    • Lesson Plans


  1. SPECIAL CALL meetings shall be called by an officer in agreement with the teacher.
  2. SPECIAL CALL meetings need to be approved by the Parent Involvement Facilitator.
  3. SPECIAL CALL meeting notices shall be posted at least two (2) days in advance. The purpose of the meetings shall be stated in the call.


If at any time an officer/representative/alternate does not fulfill his/her responsibilities or does not act in the best interest of the program, the officer will be terminated from that position, and a new officer/representative/alternate will be elected.

Chairperson shall:

    1. Five days prior to the meeting, along with the staff and officers, plan the meeting, prepare an agenda and arrange a meeting place.
    2. Conduct regular and special call meetings and keep the group on the agenda.
    3. Start and stop each meeting on time.
    4. Lead orderly discussions by tactfully and politely enforcing the rules that offer every member a chance to speak for or against a motion. The chairperson cannot participate in the discussion, but rather serves as an impartial referee.
    5. Communicate duly voted recommendations to the Parent Involvement Staff.
    6. Explain each motion before it is voted upon.
    7. Appoint committees to carry out specific assignments.
    8. Vote to make or break a tie.
    9. Post meeting notices in each classroom five days in advance.

Vice-Chairperson shall:

    1. Conduct the meeting and handle the group’s business when the chairperson is absent.
    2. Communicate with absent members and encourage their participation.
    3. Post meeting notices in each classroom five days in advance.

Secretary shall:

    1. Take the minutes of the meeting and keep a permanent record of what has taken place.
    2. Document the outcomes of the votes.
    3. Help the Chairperson stick to the agenda.
    4. Post meeting notices in each classroom five days in advance.

Treasurer shall:

    1. Keep a parent record of the Parent Activity Fund expenses.

Representative shall:

    1. Be the Policy Council Representative for LACOE.
    3. Attend monthly Policy Committee meetings.
    4. Attend monthly Parent Committee meetings and give a report.
    5. Call prior to the meeting if unable to attend.
    6. Notify the alternate when unable to attend.

Alternate shall:

    1. Take the place of the representative when absent.
    2. Call prior to the meeting if unable to attend in place of the Representative.


The Policy Committee is a committee of elected parents from all centers. One parent representative and one parent alternate is elected from each Parent Committee.

The Policy Committee gives input and helps develop and plan Head Start activities. Policy Committee meetings are scheduled once a month throughout the year.

Training is provided for the Policy Committee in all areas of the Head Start program. The training that P.C. members receive enables parents to work within the program and access community services needed by Head Start children and their families. 

Policy Committees must be comprised of two types of representatives:  parents of currently enrolled children and community representatives.  Community members must be drawn from the local community including, for example, the parents of formerly enrolled children.  All members of the Policy Committee must stand for election or re-election annually. No agency staff (or members of their immediate families) may serve on the Policy Committee.

The Policy Committee (P.C.) By-laws, as well as the Head Start Program Performance Standards, give the rules, guidelines and functions for conducting P.C. meetings in the Head Start Program. They are the foundation of the Policy Committee. Parents are provided training to help them understand the P.C. By-laws and Performance Standards.

Last Modified on December 12, 2012