The Palmdale School District requires a PSD employee to be your sponsor and approve Guest WiFi Account.


    1.  From your mobile device, turn on WiFi

    2.  Under WiFi networks, choose:  PSD Guest

    3.  Choose:  Connect

    4.  You will be redirected to the following:

    1 guest

    5.  Choose: Need an account?  Click Here

    6.  You will be redirected to the following:

    2 guest

    7.  Fill out the required fields indicated by an asterisk (*)

    8.  Click on: Register

    9.  Your sponsor will receive an email with your request.

    10. You will be directed to the following:

    3 guest

    11. Once your request has been accepted you will see:

    4 guest

    12. You will be taken back to the first login screen:

    5 guest

    13. Log in with your username and password. Your account is active for 24 hours.