Who We Serve:

    The Antelope Valley Migrant Education Program provides supplementary instructional and support services to eligible migrant students, pre-kindergarten through age 21.

    Migrant students are children whose parents' main source of income comes from seasonal labor such as agriculture or fisheries, and who because of this are impacted by a migratory lifestyle.

    The following school districts are participating in the Antelope Valley Consortium: Eastside School District, and Keppel School district, Lancaster School District, Palmdale School District, Acton-Agua Dulce School District, Westside Union School District and Wilsona School District.

Migrant Ed Message from the Coordinator:

  • It is the belief of the Migrant Education Program staff that migrant children are among the neediest in our area. Therefore, it is our goal to provide quality supplementary educational and support services to these migrant children and their families to help them obtain academic success that will result in a successful future. Our staff has been and continues to be committed to planning and executing a variety of innovative programs and services for our students. These programs and services are planned taking in consideration the students’ academic, linguistic and social needs. Every effort is made to coordinate and share resources within the Consortium, as well as with agencies and organizations within the community to enrich the quality of the instructional and support services being offered.

    We are pleased to share the successes, challenges and dreams of the Antelope Valley Migrant Education Program.