Summer and Saturday School Services:

  • Supplementary Saturday School and summer classes for students in grades Pre-K through 8th are available for families with children ages 3 through 21. In addition to educational services, nutrition and transportation are available. Students who qualify for the program receive supplemental educational services according to their academic needs in Language Arts, Mathematics and Reading.


  • The instructional program includes reading, writing, math, and computer classes for students in grades K-8th. Students in grades K-5th participate in the Learning through Art program and students in 6th-8th participate in the Art Tech Nobel Prize Program. The instruction prepares our students to meet their grade level standards and also provides enrichment and research activities.

    Research shows that the fine arts education has a tremendous impact on the developmental growth of every child and has proven to increase overall academic performance by enriching an individual’s ability in reading and math. The program’s goal is to promote awareness of the arts and to further enhance literacy through the arts and technology. In addition, both the Learning through

    Art curriculum and the Nobel Art Tech Prize curriculum provide at-risk students in grades K-8th the motivation to stay in school and address the drop out rate exhibited by our migrant student population.

    The primary goal of the Learning Through Art curriculum is to promote awareness of the arts and to further enhance literacy. Through the theme of art, our Migrant Education students develop higher thinking skills, problem solving and discovery learning. They are involved in direct instruction of writing, research, reading, communication and the evaluation of their work. They learn to analyze the characteristics of the techniques and styles used by the artists they study and learn to replicate them.

    The Nobel Art Tech Prize Program develops reading, writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills through a curriculum that teaches the categories of the Nobel Prize in physics, physiology, chemistry, literature, peace & economics though the catalyst of art.