• Responsibilities

     We set the direction for the community's schools

    • Focus on student learning
    • Assess needs/ baseline data
    • Generate, review or revise setting direction documents (beliefs, vision, priorities, strategic goals, success indicators)
    • Ensure an appropriate inclusive process is used
    • Ensure these documents are a driving force for all district efforts

    We establish an effective and efficient structure for the school district

    • Employ the superintendent and set policy for hiring of other personnel
    • Oversee the development of and adopt policies
    • Set a direction for and adopt the curriculum
    • Establish budget priorities, adopt the budget and oversee facilities issues
    • Provide direction for and vote to accept collective bargaining agreements

    We provide support through our behavior and actions

    • Act with professional demeanor that models the district's beliefs and vision
    • Make decisions and provide resources that support mutually agreed upon priorities and goals
    • Uphold district policies the board has approved
    • Ensure a positive personnel climate exists
    • Be knowledgeable enough about district efforts to explain them to the public

    We ensure accountability to the public

    • Evaluate the superintendent
    • Monitor, review and revise policies
    • Serve as a judicial and appeals body
    • Monitor student achievement and program effectiveness and require program changes as indicated
    • Monitor and adjust district finances
    • Monitor the collective bargaining process

    We act as community leaders

    • Speak with a common voice about district priorities, goals and issues
    • Engage and involve the community in district schools and activities
    • Communicate clear information about policies, programs and fiscal condition
    • Educate the community and the media about the issues facing the district and public education
    • Advocate for children, district programs and public education to the general public, community leaders and local, state and national leaders

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