Protecting your Chromebook

  •  DProtect your Chromebook - clipart o not place any stickers on the Chromebook.          

     Do not write on them or scratch them.

     Use both hands when handling the Chromebook

     Do not hold the Chromebook by the screen.

     Keep food and drink away from your Chromebook at all times.

     Keep your Chromebook away from extreme heat & cold

     Do not remove or change the school tags or identification that are on the Chromebooks.

     Treat your Chromebook with care -- do not leave it lying around or make it so it can be easily stolen.

     Do not place heavy objects on top of your Chromebook. This includes while it is in your backpack.

     Keep the Chromebook in its protective case at all times, even when charging the device.

     Always close the Chromebook lid before walking with it -- remember, it takes just 8 seconds to start.

     Do not leave your Chromebook in the car where it can be seen by others.