Chromebook Costs / Damage / Replacement

  •  Parents/students will be responsible for Chromebooks intentionally damaged or defaced.

     Optional insurance is available for purchase by parents. Please see the flyer for details. The small cost of insurance can offset any accidents your child may have while using the Chromebook.

     Chromebooks lost or destroyed – replacement cost $325. Power cord - replacement cost $40. Cases damaged or lost – replacement cost $40. See the insurance flyer for full costs related to damage and loss.

     All damages and/or losses must be reported immediately to the Site Tech. Stolen or lost Chromebooks will be removed from the district device management system and will be unusable to anyone.

     All stolen Chromebooks must be reported to the police. A copy of the report must be submitted to the Site Tech or to the School Administrator. Students will receive loaner devices until the original Chromebook is recovered or paid for. Loaner Chromebooks will not be allowed to go home.

     All costs related to repair or replacement of devices will be tracked on the student’s school account. Students with outstanding accounts may not be allowed to participate in some school events, including graduation ceremonies.


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