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    My name is Timothy Howell and I am the current principal of Desert Willow Magnet Academy where the emphasis is on the Fine Arts, Science, and Technology.  I graduated from UCLA and currently hold a MA degree in Curriculum and Instruction.  I recently completed my first year of the Leadership Doctoral Program at California State University, Northridge.  My passion for education reinforces my dedication to support my three children through college.  I have been with the Palmdale School District for over 20 years and was instrumental in implementing Behavior Modification strategies in the Alternative Education Program for 5 years.  I utilize a framework of discipline in the comprehensive educational setting to establish the standard for student development.  The current positive school climate and cultural shift at Desert Willow support student learning with high expectations.

    The FAST (Fine Arts, Science, and Technology) Academy at Desert Willow allows me to be creative and bring the joy of learning back into the classroom.  Some of the programs that students thrive in at Desert Willow include:  Music, Dance, Art, PTLW, Film making, Animation, Drama, and Science Labs. 

    It is my belief that all students can learn and it is up to the adults to find the creative gifts that they possess to support their development.  I believe in effective work.  Our students depend on us to provide a safe learning environment where they can meet high expectations.   


    Thank you,

    Timothy Howell

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