Colleen Sawyer

  • My name is Colleen Sawyer.  I am so excited to have the honor of working with your children at Palmdale Discovery Center.  My journey with the Palmdale School District began 17 years ago when I was an Education Specialist teaching special day class to students ranging from fourth to eighth grade.  I then was hired as a program specialist for our district.  In the 07/08 school year, I began working as the administrator for our wonderful programs here at PDC.  During the past 12 years, I have also had the honor of being the principal of Yellen Learning Center.

    The mission of the Palmdale School District is to implement our vision with actions and services targeted to students, parents, and staff so our students can live their lives to their full potential. We here at Palmdale Discovery Center strive to support every single student and give them all available opportunities to meet the mission. We can only accomplish this as a team.  Our team is comprised of all of us, including parents, students, and staff.

    I am very excited to work as the Principal of Palmdale Discovery Center and to continue working with all of you to ensure that our students have a valuable education.

    Colleen E. sawyer