Hana Imoisili

  • Hana Imoisili holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Journalism from Rutgers University in Newark, New Jersey. She later procured her Masters in Secondary Education from University of Phoenix where she earned her teaching credential. Dr. Imoisili earned her doctorate in K-12 Educational Leadership from University of Southern California. 

    For 8 years, She taught 9 th grade English/Read-180/System 44/ELD at Locke High School, which is a Green Dot Public School in Watts, South Central LA. During her tenure there, she increased the reading and writing levels of her students by 100% by setting high reading goals and inciting competitive standards for her students.

    Dr. Imoisili was the Dean of Culture at Camino Nuevo Charter Academy in Downtown LA, where she developed the practice of being a very visible school leader. Every morning she was the first person present: greeting students, parents and staff as they started their day and remained approachable and available for any inquiries or issues.

    Most recently, Dr. Imoisili taught 7 th grade ELA and 6 th , 7 th & 8 th grade ELD at the Palmdale Learning Plaza for the past 2 years before becoming the Assistant Principal at Quail Valley Elementary. She is really looking forward to building and sustaining new
    relationships with all stakeholders and continuing her career in the Palmdale School District.

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