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PSD UAS Policy

  • The Palmdale School District board has approved an official Drone Policy that is in accordance with FAA rules.

    A couple of crucial points to follow before a drone is flown at your site are: 

    1. The person/people who will be flying the drone will need to fill out the PSD Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) Registration Form.
    2. Your drone has to be labeled appropriately. If your site has a drone, let Tech Services know, and I will send you a label. You can follow this link, which will show you how to label it.
    3. Before you fly, you need to download the B4UFly app (Android & IOS). This app will allow you to check who you must contact to gain clearance before you fly. 
    4. When flying, you need to stay below 400 ft., and the drone can’t weigh more than 55 lbs.
    5. You can’t fly anywhere considered private, and any collisions or crashes must be reported to your site admin immediately. 

UAS Contacts

  • Antelope Valley Service Center
    Lancaster, CA
    (909) 974-4641

    Palmdale USAF Plant 42 Airport
    Ask for Matt Fisher
    Palmdale, CA
    (661) 272-6715

    LA County Sheriff Lancaster Station
    Lancaster, CA
    (562) 421-2701

    FAA Website


UAS Policy Documentation