• Dr Frances Ufondu

Dr. Frances Ufondu


    Dr. Frances Ufondu was named the Assistant Superintendent of Business Services for Palmdale School District in July of 2017 after serving as the Interim Chief Business Officer for seven months. Previously, she served as the first Director of LCAP for the District. Before serving as the LCAP Director, she coordinated the State and Federal Programs, Parent/Community Outreach, and the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) program for the Palmdale School District.


    Born and raised in Nigeria, Dr. Ufondu received her Bachelor of Science (B.Sc.) and Masters of Arts in Educational Administration from Nigeria. She completed her doctoral studies in Organizational Leadership at the University of La Verne, finishing her dissertation on “Skills Required by Principals to Effectively Implement the Public School Accountability Act.”


    Dr. Ufondu has been in the district for 30 years. She was hired as a teacher and worked out of the classroom as a Curriculum Resource Teacher before becoming an Assistant Principal. She became the principal of Tamarisk Elementary School and was very instrumental in the implementation of the Comprehensive School Reform Model. Through her educational journey of serving students at all levels and emphasizing access and equity, she practices shared leadership, models high expectations, and systems approach to ensure all students are engaged in rigorous learning.


    Dr. Ufondu’s duties cut across all departments and schools to ensure increased academic achievement for all students. She worked with all stakeholders to develop the district LCAP and create a school environment that improves student engagement and learning. She has very high energy, a drive to get results, and the ability to inspire and motivate others. She enjoys creating programs that build student voice and leadership. She led the establishment of the PSD Student PROMISE Ambassador Program and the ultimate election of a Student Board Member. Her knowledge about LCFF, budgeting, strategic planning, and stakeholder engagement led to her nomination to work with state leaders in designing a template to redesign the State’s Local Control Accountability Plan. She is the Palmdale School District 2016-17 Central Office Leader of the Year, ACSA 2021 Business Administrator of the Year, and Los Angeles County 2021 Business/Finance Cabinet Member of the Year. Dr. Ufondu has been an Antelope Valley resident since 1991. She understands the vast population of students and families within our community and is very active in the community.