Dr. Keisha Burns

  • Welcome to Shadow Hills Magnet Academy! My name is Dr. Burns and I’m happy to be your School Counselor. I have worked as an educator at Shadow Hills since 2002, teaching Social Studies before becoming the School Counselor in 2014.
    My education includes a Bachelor's degree in Sociology, a Master's degrees in Educational Leadership & Educational Counseling, and a Doctorate degree in Educational Leadership & Psychology.
    I believe education is the "great equalizer". I am a first-generation college student. My parents were unable to obtain their high school diplomas because they had to work to support their family. But my parents always pushed my siblings and I to do our best in school so we can have more opportunities.
    I hope to inspire my students by helping them realize their potential. I want my students to find their life's path by teaching them about various careers as well as college. I enjoy watching students become self-confident as they navigate middle school and prepare for high school and beyond. I want our students to be confident in who they are as they develop socially, emotionally, and academically. My goal is to promote diversity and to ensure all our students are treated equitably.
    I am the youngest of six children. I am a Cali girl. I enjoy helping my students, reading, hanging out with my family, going to the beach, & listening to music. When we are back on campus stop by my office and tell me some of your favorite things!