• Mission & Vision

Mission Statement

  • The students at Los Amigos Dual Immersion School leave ready for success in High School and Beyond. Through a comprehensive school counseling program, students learn to maximize their academic achievement, foster personal and emotional growth, and facilitate college and career choices in partnership with parents, guardians, and all members of the school community. Our students are confident, resilient, bi-literate, and kind 21st-century global citizens.

Vision Statement

  • The mission of the comprehensive school counseling program at Dos Caminos Dual Immersion School is that every student will be valued, respected, and encouraged to achieve his/her fullest potential in a safe and secure environment that promotes equity, access, and success for all students. Our program is designed to prepare students with the cross-cultural understanding for the diverse global society of this century by participating in a variety of academic, social/emotional support programs and intervention networks, where long-range results for every student is addressed.