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Mission Statement

  • The Mission of the comprehensive school counseling program at S.A.G.E. Magnet Academy is to pursue academics and behavioral excellence by creating a safe, equitable, and accessible environment resulting in measured continuous improvement. Through participation in a comprehensive school counseling program, all students will develop essential academic, career, and social/emotional skills that lead them to develop a passion for learning and the capacity to overcome real-world challenges to be successful leaders.

Vision Statement

  • The vision of the comprehensive school counseling program at Space Aeronautics Gateway to Exploration Magnet Academy (S.A.G.E.) is that every student will be inspired and empowered to persevere through adversity, to confidently self-advocate, and to be successful academically, socially, and emotionally. Students will demonstrate resilience and be leaders in their community as agents of change. With the knowledge and soft skills learned from the comprehensive school counseling program, students will be lifelong learners who will be prepared for high school, college, career, and beyond. Every student will be competitive global citizens.