DHH: Welcome to the Deaf and Hard of Hearing Family

  • We are a bilingual, bimodal program that caters to the unique developmental needs of DHH children and their families. Students can transition to our International Baccalaureate (IB) program as early as 3 years old. Our program serves children from 3 years old up to 5th grade. In our journey to promote identity and independence, our bilingual approach gives respect to both ASL and English so that your child may reach their full potential. We promote language equality both receptively and expressively.


    Our IB school builds intercultural understanding and respect and this includes the Deaf culture. Deaf students are fully appreciated and accepted at PLP. General Education classrooms expose students to American Sign Language, opening the doors to communication between peers in the classroom and on the playground. Our academic rigor parallels the expectations of the entire school.

    Highlights of our Program-


    • General Education Core Courses Mainstream Opportunities

    • Music, band, and PE classes

    • Deaf role models and community members in the classrooms

    • Certified interpreters in each DHH class

    • ASL classes for parents

    • Early Start ages 0 - 3

    • Middle School 6th - 8th at David G. Millen School

    • Audiology Services

    • Speech and Language Services

    • Itinerant services