Verification of Student Information

  • Palmdale School District updates student information on an annual basis to ensure proper communication between the school and parents.  This information also enables PSD to provide free breakfast and lunch and other important resources to our students.    Please follow the steps below to review and update your son or daughter’s information in our Student Information System: 


    1. Open the Infinite Campus Parent Portal application on your device or enter the URL: into a web browser on your computer.

    2. From the landing page, click the ‘more’ option at the bottom of the menu.

    3. Select ‘Online Registration’

    4. To the right of ‘Existing Registration’ click ‘Continue’

    5. A list of students currently enrolled at Palmdale School District will appear.  Updated information is needed for all students enrolled in PSD.  Select ‘Begin Registration.’

    6. Choose your preferred language

    7. The welcome page will appear.   For continuing students, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select ‘begin.’

    8. To select the child from the list you wish to update by clicking the ‘Edit/Review’ button

    9. Review and revise household information, including:

      1. Demographics

      2. Race/Ethnicity

      3. Housing

      4. Language Information

      5. Academic History

      6. Relationships-Parent/Guardian

      7. Relationships-Emergency Contact

      8. Health Services-Medical or Mental Health Conditions

      9. Health Services-Medications

      10. Medical Consent

      11. Release Agreements

    10. Once you have updated all of your student(’s) information click ‘Save/Continue’ at the bottom of the page

    11. Your update is not complete until you submit it.  You must click the large, red ‘Submit’ button.  You will also have an option to print a copy of the registration information.  If you feel there is any information that is incorrect, you will need to click ‘Back’ before you submit.  Please keep in mind: Once you submit your information, it cannot be changed

    12. Once you have submitted your information, you may close the Online Registration window on your browser and log out of the Infinite Campus Portal.


    Thank you for helping us maintain the most current and accurate information.  This will ensure your son/daughter receives the best PSD has to offer.  


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