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    Palmdale School Districts Fiscal Services Department is comprised of Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Payroll and Budgeting. The Fiscal Services Department is responsible for monitoring all the funds of the District, ensuring that all accounting, reporting and reconciliation functions are performed in accordance with applicable law and Board Policy while at the same time providing the highest possible level of service to the Students, Community and Employees.

    The Fiscal Services Department is located in the main Administration Building.
Name Title Phone Extension Email Address
Open Director of Accounting 6523
Maria Alatorre Assistant Director of Business Services 6515 mialatorre@palmdalesd.org
Emerald Garcia Administrative Secretary in Fiscal Services 6524 ecgarcia@palmdalesd.org

Budget Technicians

Budget Technician Assignment Extension
Generosa Bisarra 6518
ASES Reporting, Cash Management Reporting, SIG GRANT (TW-Monitoring & REporting), MSAP Monitoring & Reporting
Loc 011 Cactus (CA)
Loc 023 Chaparral (CH)
Loc 055 David G Millen (DGM
Loc 029 Desert Willow (DW)
Loc 012 Sage (SG)
Loc 060 Shadow Hills (SH)
Loc 017 Tumbleweed (TW)
Wanda Scott 6510
Special Education Reporting, Excess Cost Billing, Mandated Costs Reporting, PPA (Provider Participation Agreement)-Health
Loc 001 (225) Student Services
Loc 001 (227) Health Services
Loc 225/Site Special Education Grants
Loc 225/Site Special Education
Loc 005 Palmdale Discovery Center (PDC)
Loc 061 Yellen Special Education Staffing
Annette Slade 6513
LCAP Monitoring & Reporting
Loc 025 Desert Rose (DR)
Loc 031 Golden Poppy (GP)
Loc 034 Mesquite (MQ)
Loc 039 Quail Valley (QV)