School Psychology:
    The Palmdale School District School Psychology Department is dedicated to providing the highest quality psychological support services possible to the schools and families it serves in the Palmdale community. Among those services provided are:
    • Comprehensive psycho-educational assessment of special needs
    • Individual & group counseling
    • Psychological consultation to teachers, administrators and parents
    • Positive behavioral support & intervention
    • Crisis & trauma intervention & psychological first-aid
    • Grief counseling & assessment
    • Psychological risk assessment
    • Behavior Intervention Case Management, including Functional Behavioral Assessment & Functional Analysis Assessment
    • Participates in Individual Educational Program (IEP) processes
    • Referral to outside agencies & community resources
    • Facilitation of School-Based Mental Health services
    • Supervision & training of school psychology/counseling interns & trainees


    Contact Information:


    Dr. Rondale Cooper
    Director, Special Education


    John Corugedo, M.A.
    Program Specialist I


    Aaron Yoscovitz, M.S.
    Program Specialist I


    Emily Moran, M.A.
    Program Specialist I