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Board of Trustees Goals

The following District Goals are based upon the Governance Team’s Theory of Action:
“If the school district, schools, and grade levels develop into high performing Professional Learning Communities, then all students shall achieve high levels of learning and achievement gaps will close.”


The district shall:
  • Dramatically improve student engagement and achievement through access to powerful learning opportunities

  • Create and sustain globally-competitive learning environments of high intellectual performance across the curriculum and in all areas needed for 21st century success for students, including the opportunity for development of high levels of multilingual and STEAM competencies

  • Provide strategic direction and support to district administrators, principals, teachers, and sites focused on improving the quality of classroom instruction and interaction in every classroom in every school

  • Create and support safe, affirming, equitable, and enriched globally-competitive school environments for participatory, restorative, inclusive, and culturally and linguistically responsive learning and interaction for students

  • Engage diverse families and communities in powerful learning and collaboration