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 Cactus Middle School is a Medical, Health and Technology Academy. Our academy offers courses that provide enriching experiences for the students to learn how to live a healthy lifestyle, be engaged in general physical fitness and excite their interests in the medical field as well as technology involving space,video and robotics. Cactus offers courses such Community Emergency Response Team (CERT) curriculum, Junior Upcoming Medical Professionals (JUMP) as well as our Hop Sports elective that teach leadership, proper decision making and how to recognize techniques to overcome peer pressure and low self-esteem. In our Project Lead the Way classes, students will use topics like design and modeling, energy and environment, video game programming, coding, robotics, flight & space, DNA and crime scene analysis to engage their natural curiosity and imagination in creative problem solving. Other courses offered that align with our academy are anatomy/physiology, healthy culinary arts, science of video production, dance and sports specific electives.

David G. Millen Magnet Academy


 The David G. Millen Law and Government Academy examines skills and careers associated with professions in community, state, national and international law and government such as attorneys , government careers, politicians, and first responders through a school-wide interdisciplinary approach. DGM Academy hosts many of the Law and Government-themed programs for Palmdale School District , such as the Inter-School Communication Council and the Model United Nations Program. The program will also field a Mock Trial Team in conjunction with the program currently offered by our partners at Highland High School.

Desert Willow Magnet Academy


 The Desert Willow Fine Arts, Science and Technology (FAST) Academy offers middle school students three options. The Fine Arts pathway provides introductory to advanced learning and performance opportunities for students in variety of Visual and Performing Arts elective classes. The Environmental Science Pathway provides integration between Science, Technology and Mathematics. The Environmental Science Pathway focuses on developing a deep understanding of the Next Generation Science Standards and includes modules from Project Lead The Way. The Digital Communications pathway provides students with opportunities for communicating effectively and working interdependently with multidisciplinary careers.Students will develop digital knowledge, values, and a range of critical thinking, communication and information management skills for the digital age.

Shadow Hills Magnet Academy


 The Shadow Hills Academy of Engineering and Design transforms the conventional middle school STEAM curriculum into a school where Science, Technology, Engineering, and Design are taught through inquiry, Project Based Learning, and hands-on exploration. The Academy offers a dynamic learning environment rich in science and technology, with a rigorous curriculum that provides students with engaging coursework to cultivate curiosity and motivate learning. The Engineering Pathway includes PLTW Modules in Beginning, Intermediate, and Advanced LEGO and VEX Robotics. The Design Pathway includes courses, such as, Computer Programming, Intro and Advanced Game Design, Geometric Design, Multimedia I, II, 3-D, WEB Design, Business Computers, and Business Marketing.

SAGE Magnet Academy


 SAGE Academy Space and Aeronautics – Gateway to Exploration is located in the heart of Palmdale. Drawing on the Antelope Valley’s rich history in Space and Aeronautics exploration SAGE is a STEAM Academy for 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students focusing on Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. Teachers and students will have opportunities to collaborate with STEM partners from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) and the Hypersonic Combined Test Force Wing at Edwards Air Force Base, NASA, the Neil Armstrong Research Center, and Lockheed Martin. Students will also participate in field trips to aerospace related work places and museums: California Science Center, NASA, Edwards Air Force Base, Lockheed Martin, and Boeing as well as the numerous Art museums in Los Angeles.