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Visitor Management System - Raptor


School Visiting Procedures

PC 627.3; (BP 1250)

The District’s highest priority is keeping all students and faculty safe, and part of that is quickly identifying those that may present a danger to all persons and knowing who is in District buildings at all times. All visitors who wish to gain access to a school, including parents/guardians, contractors, and volunteers, must report to the main office to register and receive a visitor’s badge.  The District has implemented the Raptor Visitor Management System in all its schools to facilitate the school visiting procedures.  Upon entering a District building, visitors will be asked to present a photo ID and their purpose for entering school grounds.  Raptor will scan the photo ID and log the name of the visitor as well as the date, time and purpose of the visit.  Visitors without a photo ID shall have their information manually inputted into the system by a staff member.  Raptor will screen the visitor’s name and date of birth against the national database of registered sex offenders.  No other data from the photo ID is gathered or recorded and the information is not shared with any outside agency.

Once a visitor has been approved, a visitor’s badge will be printed for him/her to wear for the duration of the visit.  Unless otherwise directed by the principal or designee, a staff member shall accompany visitors while they are on school grounds. Anyone on school grounds without permission is in violation of the law and may be reported to law enforcement.