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Scheduled Outages

  • 11/29/2023-11/30/2023 9:00 P.M. - 4:30 A.M. Palm Tree Elementary SCE Power Outage Scheduled for upgrading equipment. Outage # 000800279087

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Past Outages

  • 11/20/2023-11/21/2023 9:00 P.M. - 4:30 A.M. Palm Tree Elementary SCE Power Outage Scheduled for upgrading equipment. Outage # 000800277390


    11/13/2023 - 7:40 A.M. Palm Tree Elementary School telephone system cannot make or receive phone calls. Update 9:30, Reset equipment, and phones are functioning again


    10/31/23 - 12:01am - Internet is down at Ocotillo. The network staff is reaching out to our Fiber provider for assistance, no current ETA.


    10/30/2023 - 12:01 A.M. - The Internet is down at Yucca, Dos Caminos, and Palmdale Discovery Center. The network team is aware and is working on a resolution. UPDATE: The Fiberoptic team is scheduled to arrive at the District Offices at 11:20 A.M. - Resolved 6:00pm


    10/30/2023 - 7:47 A.M. - The ParentSquare web and mobile applications are experiencing slow load times. They are investigating the issue. Update 08:39 PDT ParentSquare has implemented a fix for the slow loading times and is monitoring the system to confirm that all functions are loading as expected.


    10/23/2023 - 8:10 A.M., Golden Poppy telephones are giving a busy signal for incoming and outgoing phone calls—awaiting AT&T. Update 10/30/2023: Resolved.


    10/16/2023 - 10:56 A.M. Palmdale Learning Plaza has reported their phones are not allowing them to dial out. Technicians have been alerted—no estimated time of repair.


    10/5/2023-10/6/2023 There is a scheduled Southern California Edison power outage from 8:30 PM on 10/5 through 4:30 AM on 10/6 at Palm Tree & Palmdale Learning Plaza. Service was restored at 2:45 A.M.


    10/2/2023 - The username account issue from Friday, 9/29 caused a cascade of login issues on other systems. Below are some systems affected and their current status:

    Titan - Up (Website error not related to username issue “500 Ahh, something went wrong! But we are working on it.”)

    Classlink - Up

    Illuminate - All LPMs are working now - you may resume administering

    Ellevation - having some username problems. 

    IC - Up

    TCI - Up

    Study Sync - Up

    If you experience login issues with other systems, please contact your TSL to report it to IT.


    9/29/2023 - An issue has occurred with account automation. Our staff is working hard to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. The issue appears to be affecting only some usernames.


    9/18/2023 - LACOE has acknowledged a network outage that started at 11:04 AM.  They are working to identify the problem—no ETA on a fix. The issue has been resolved.

    9/11/2023 - ParentSquare - At approximately 10:20 AM Pacific, a software update caused an unexpected database performance issue. The issue did not appear in our pre-production testing. ParentSquare systems detected the issue and rolled back the update automatically. However, the database performance issue continued after the update was rolled back. ParentSquare engineers implemented a fix at approximately 11:10 AM Pacific, which restored normal operations.

    9/6/2023 - Titan/LinQ has issued the following statement: Service Degradation
    Affected Service: Point of Service
    Status: InvestigatingLINQ Nutrition, TITAN is currently experiencing slowness with the following services:Affected Services:
    User Services / Point of Service
    Reports have been received about the logging of POS transactions at your terminals. We are monitoring the issue and taking corrective action to ensure that all transactions are processed. Additional information will be posted here as it becomes available. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused your users and thank you for your patience.


    9/8/2023 - Wisenet Wave Client camera software is "working on some improvements and brand new features," causing current login issues. If you need any footage during this period, don't hesitate to get in touch with the district Technology Services Help Desk. UPDATE: 11:02AM access to the system restored.

    8/25/2023 - Google is experiencing login issues with Chromebooks. The issue has been reported to Google by districts all over the state. We will update you when there is a resolution. UPDATE: Aug 25, 20239:39 PM UTC The problem with ChromeOS has been resolved.


    08/19/2023 - 12:00 A.M. - 6:00 A.M. There is scheduled fiber maintenance at PLP, DC, PDC, OC, YU, SW.


    8/14/2023 - Internet connectivity problems at Dos Caminos, David G Millen, Summerwind, and Ocotillo. District Tech Services is aware of and is working on the issue. No current ETR.  - All issues resolved as of 7:50am 8/15/23.


    08/11/2023 - The free resource is currently down. They are aware of the issue and are working to resolve the situation. UPDATE 8/13/23 - Currently, the free resource is operating normally.


    08/08/2023 - Infinite Campus has announced a bug that prevents parents from resetting their passwords.  They are working on the issue and will release a patch when available.  Meanwhile, parent portal passwords can be reset manually.  This does not affect students, staff, or teachers.


    08/07/2023 - KACE is currently down. Our staff is working on the issue. We do not have an estimated time of repair at this time.


    07/18/2023  8:00 A.M. - The PSD website is not loading beyond the main menu. We have reported the situation to FinalSite, and they are investigating the issue happening to a subset of their clients. UPDATE: 1:10 P.M. - FinalSite has implemented a fix to the issue, and our website appears to be functioning again as usual.


    7/13/2023 - SCE is scheduling an outage at Quail Valley and Shadow Hills. These outages are from July 13th @ 9:00 P.M. - July 14th @ 8:15 A.M.


    6/27/23 One server that provides PSD with our Infinite Campus is experiencing technical difficulties. The situation has been reported to Infinite Campus, and they are currently addressing the issue. Unfortunately, we do not have an estimated time of resolution yet. UPDATE 6/28/2023: Infinite Campus reported that they have taken actions that should resolve the login error, but at this time there might still be some slowness until they have a full solution.


    6/18/23 The PSD core network is rebooting. Check back for further status.

    6/18/23 0930 All is back up. Happy Fathers Day


    5/30/2023 - 10:30 A.M. resulting in the error of 502 Gateway Error. Update 11:00 - Reported issue to SchoolMint. Update 1:15 P.M - SchoolMint is working properly again.


    05/18/2023 - 8:10 A.M. Some sites are currently experiencing network connectivity issues. We are aware, and our technicians have identified the causes and are working to resolve them. Update 8:52 A.M. networking traffic issues have been stabilized.


    5/10/2023 - Overnight Brightly Software emailed SchoolDude users to notify them about a security incident affecting accounts. The incident involved an unauthorized actor obtaining certain account information from the SchoolDude user database. The information that may have been involved included names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers (if added to the account), and school district names. If you are currently using your SchoolDude password for any other online account, we recommend that you promptly change your passwords on those other accounts.


    05/01/2023 - Due to a configuration issue, the Securly extension was causing a misidentification of clean sites and was therefore blocking them with a Network Misuse message. Securly engineers have identified the root issue and have pushed an updated extension to Google, and it will be pushed out to devices from there. If you see an error when you shouldn’t, please try turning the device off and back on to force the extension to be pushed down from Google.


    4/22/2023 - 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. - Manzanita Elementary - Power outage


    4/21/2023 - 6:30 A.M. - Golden Poppy electricity outage, ETR 11:00 A.M.  UPDATE 10:40 - Power restored.


    4/20/2023 - 01:30 P.M. - Follet Destiny: The system is currently unavailable. The problem exists on their hosted servers, and they are working on correcting the issue. UPDATE 4/21/2023 - 08:55 A.M.: The Follet Destiny system continues to be down from an unplanned maintenance and system upgrade. No estimate on when they will be finished. UPDATE 4/21/2023 - 11:00 A.M.: Destiny is operating normally.


    4/14/2023 - 11:46 A.M. - Staff Windows Computers - We are aware of an issue where the 'Default Apps' menu is opening unexpectedly. Tech Services is aware and working on a solution. 


    4/14/2023 - 9:50 A.M. - Imagine Learning - At this time there is a reported issue with students logging into Imagine Learning while using iPads. Imagine Learning is investigating. We will update this post once there is more information available. 


    4/13/2023 - 10:45 A.M. Infinite Campus - At this time, we are aware that a number of districts are experiencing outages or intermittent connectivity issues. Infinite Campus is investigating. The issue was related to work on Infinite Campus' firewall that was completed Wednesday and Saturday.


    4/5/23 - 7:45am - We have identified the cause of the issue, the students passwords were changed, please contact your site TSL for updates on how to get them logged in. Everything should be working fine once the new passwords are entered.


    4/5/23 - 7:00am - We are investigating an issue with Student's having problems logging into the Chromebooks/Classlink. We do not currently have a cause or fix yet, but we are looking into it. Please report any failed attempts to your site TSL. 


    3/8/23 6:30am - Some users are having issues logging in to IC this morning, please reach out to your site TSL if you are having issues. Some users are able to log in using the direct link: but this is not a fix for everyone, it is hit or miss.

    Update 7:30am - Tech services has made Infinite Campus aware of the issue and they are working on a resolution. We do not currently have an ETA.

    Update 7:45am - IC should be back up and running, please report any remaining issues to your TSL ASAP so Tech Services can reach out to Infinite Campus for further assistance.


    3/2/23: The internet went down for the entire district at approximately 12:40 PM today for about 10 minutes. The network team is monitoring. LACOE reporting issues with all service providers. Update at 1:45  PM, the entire district experienced an internet outage with both service providers. Please report any issues to your site TSL.


    2/18/2023 - A planned ~3-hour fiber outage at the Parent Center/OakTree and PACS, is scheduled to begin at midnight.  


    2/15/2023 - Edison Power outage scheduled from 9:00 PM on 2/15 through 6:30 AM on 2/16 at Oak Tree / Parent Center.

    Outage 000800197232 at 38136 35th St E, Palmdale, CA on 2/15 from 9PM until 2/16 at 6:30AM


    02/14/2023 – InfoAdvantage Issue Has Been Resolved
    InfoAdvantage was experiencing intermittent unavailability. Please update Chrome browser, clear your cache and restart your computer, services will be restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this service interruption may have caused. Please call the Help Desk if you need further assistance, 562-922-8888. Thank you for your patience.


    2/6/2023 - Imagine Learning is currently having issues with Chromebooks when trying to start a lesson. It appears to be an issue loading the video on a Dell 3100 running V108. Update 2/7/2023 - The problem seems to be continuing. We continue to research and work with support for the resolution. UPDATE: 2/14/2023 We have found a software solution and the application seems to be working again now.


    2/06/2023 - Edison Power outage scheduled from 8:00 PM on 2/6 through 6:30 AM on 2/7 at Tumbleweed School.

    Outage # 000800186891 for February 6th to 7th for the service address of 1100 E Ave R4


    02/01/2023 - QuaverEd - We learned this morning of an outage with one of our service providers. We know QuaverEd educators rely on our resources during the day. This outage is our top priority.We are actively working to ensure our servers are running at full capacity as soon as possible. The partial outage is sporadic and not centered in any geographic area.In the meantime, you may see intermittent outages. This is mainly affecting video and lyric streaming. Other resources appear to be functioning as normal at this time. Resolved 15:23 PST.


    1/31/2023 - Telephones at multiple PSD school sites on the east side of Palmdale are currently experiencing issues making and receiving calls. Sites now having problems include (but may not be limited to) Barrel Springs, Buena Vista, Cimarron, Golden Poppy, Innovations Academy, Quail Valley, Mesquite, and Oak Tree. 2/3/2023 UPDATE Our telephone vendors are working diligently with AT&T to locate the issue. Our equipment is good, and the circuits are good. They have isolated it to the AT&T Central Office (CO) and are investigating. There is currently no ETR. Please contact our sites through electronic methods like email or ParentSquare. UPDATE 2/7/2023 - AT&T reports having located and replaced faulty equipment in their Central Office. They believe all circuits are back up and running. Please report to the Technology Help Desk if you have any issues. Thank you.


    1/25/2023 - Edison Power outage scheduled from 9:00 PM on 1/25 through 7:30 AM on 1/26 at Oak Tree Community Day School.

    Power outage scheduled by Edison for 1/25 9:00 PM until 1/26 7:30 AM


    9:10 AM - Both internet connections are down for PSD, an update will be provided within the hour.