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Past Outages

  • 5/30/2023 - 10:30 A.M. resulting in the error of 502 Gateway Error. Update 11:00 - Reported issue to SchoolMint. Update 1:15 P.M - SchoolMint is working properly again.


    05/18/2023 - 8:10 A.M. Some sites are currently experiencing network connectivity issues. We are aware, and our technicians have identified the causes and are working to resolve them. Update 8:52 A.M. networking traffic issues have been stabilized.


    5/10/2023 - Overnight Brightly Software emailed SchoolDude users to notify them about a security incident affecting accounts. The incident involved an unauthorized actor obtaining certain account information from the SchoolDude user database. The information that may have been involved included names, email addresses, passwords, phone numbers (if added to the account), and school district names. If you are currently using your SchoolDude password for any other online account, we recommend that you promptly change your passwords on those other accounts.


    05/01/2023 - Due to a configuration issue, the Securly extension was causing a misidentification of clean sites and was therefore blocking them with a Network Misuse message. Securly engineers have identified the root issue and have pushed an updated extension to Google, and it will be pushed out to devices from there. If you see an error when you shouldn’t, please try turning the device off and back on to force the extension to be pushed down from Google.


    4/22/2023 - 8:00 A.M. - 6:00 P.M. - Manzanita Elementary - Power outage


    4/21/2023 - 6:30 A.M. - Golden Poppy electricity outage, ETR 11:00 A.M.  UPDATE 10:40 - Power restored.


    4/20/2023 - 01:30 P.M. - Follet Destiny: The system is currently unavailable. The problem exists on their hosted servers, and they are working on correcting the issue. UPDATE 4/21/2023 - 08:55 A.M.: The Follet Destiny system continues to be down from an unplanned maintenance and system upgrade. No estimate on when they will be finished. UPDATE 4/21/2023 - 11:00 A.M.: Destiny is operating normally.


    4/14/2023 - 11:46 A.M. - Staff Windows Computers - We are aware of an issue where the 'Default Apps' menu is opening unexpectedly. Tech Services is aware and working on a solution. 


    4/14/2023 - 9:50 A.M. - Imagine Learning - At this time there is a reported issue with students logging into Imagine Learning while using iPads. Imagine Learning is investigating. We will update this post once there is more information available. 


    4/13/2023 - 10:45 A.M. Infinite Campus - At this time, we are aware that a number of districts are experiencing outages or intermittent connectivity issues. Infinite Campus is investigating. The issue was related to work on Infinite Campus' firewall that was completed Wednesday and Saturday.


    4/5/23 - 7:45am - We have identified the cause of the issue, the students passwords were changed, please contact your site TSL for updates on how to get them logged in. Everything should be working fine once the new passwords are entered.


    4/5/23 - 7:00am - We are investigating an issue with Student's having problems logging into the Chromebooks/Classlink. We do not currently have a cause or fix yet, but we are looking into it. Please report any failed attempts to your site TSL. 


    3/8/23 6:30am - Some users are having issues logging in to IC this morning, please reach out to your site TSL if you are having issues. Some users are able to log in using the direct link: but this is not a fix for everyone, it is hit or miss.

    Update 7:30am - Tech services has made Infinite Campus aware of the issue and they are working on a resolution. We do not currently have an ETA.

    Update 7:45am - IC should be back up and running, please report any remaining issues to your TSL ASAP so Tech Services can reach out to Infinite Campus for further assistance.


    3/2/23: The internet went down for the entire district at approximately 12:40 PM today for about 10 minutes. The network team is monitoring. LACOE reporting issues with all service providers. Update at 1:45  PM, the entire district experienced an internet outage with both service providers. Please report any issues to your site TSL.


    2/18/2023 - A planned ~3-hour fiber outage at the Parent Center/OakTree and PACS, is scheduled to begin at midnight.  


    2/15/2023 - Edison Power outage scheduled from 9:00 PM on 2/15 through 6:30 AM on 2/16 at Oak Tree / Parent Center.

    Outage 000800197232 at 38136 35th St E, Palmdale, CA on 2/15 from 9PM until 2/16 at 6:30AM


    02/14/2023 – InfoAdvantage Issue Has Been Resolved
    InfoAdvantage was experiencing intermittent unavailability. Please update Chrome browser, clear your cache and restart your computer, services will be restored. We apologize for any inconvenience this service interruption may have caused. Please call the Help Desk if you need further assistance, 562-922-8888. Thank you for your patience.


    2/6/2023 - Imagine Learning is currently having issues with Chromebooks when trying to start a lesson. It appears to be an issue loading the video on a Dell 3100 running V108. Update 2/7/2023 - The problem seems to be continuing. We continue to research and work with support for the resolution. UPDATE: 2/14/2023 We have found a software solution and the application seems to be working again now.


    2/06/2023 - Edison Power outage scheduled from 8:00 PM on 2/6 through 6:30 AM on 2/7 at Tumbleweed School.

    Outage # 000800186891 for February 6th to 7th for the service address of 1100 E Ave R4


    02/01/2023 - QuaverEd - We learned this morning of an outage with one of our service providers. We know QuaverEd educators rely on our resources during the day. This outage is our top priority.We are actively working to ensure our servers are running at full capacity as soon as possible. The partial outage is sporadic and not centered in any geographic area.In the meantime, you may see intermittent outages. This is mainly affecting video and lyric streaming. Other resources appear to be functioning as normal at this time. Resolved 15:23 PST.


    1/31/2023 - Telephones at multiple PSD school sites on the east side of Palmdale are currently experiencing issues making and receiving calls. Sites now having problems include (but may not be limited to) Barrel Springs, Buena Vista, Cimarron, Golden Poppy, Innovations Academy, Quail Valley, Mesquite, and Oak Tree. 2/3/2023 UPDATE Our telephone vendors are working diligently with AT&T to locate the issue. Our equipment is good, and the circuits are good. They have isolated it to the AT&T Central Office (CO) and are investigating. There is currently no ETR. Please contact our sites through electronic methods like email or ParentSquare. UPDATE 2/7/2023 - AT&T reports having located and replaced faulty equipment in their Central Office. They believe all circuits are back up and running. Please report to the Technology Help Desk if you have any issues. Thank you.


    1/25/2023 - Edison Power outage scheduled from 9:00 PM on 1/25 through 7:30 AM on 1/26 at Oak Tree Community Day School.

    Power outage scheduled by Edison for 1/25 9:00 PM until 1/26 7:30 AM


    9:10 AM - Both internet connections are down for PSD, an update will be provided within the hour.  

    12/13/2022 - PSD is opening a ticket for the Google login issue. Google engineering has identified an issue that affected users logging onto ChromeOS devices.  Google is currently rolling out a server-side fix to production to resolve this issue and is seeing a return to normal login behavior.  No device update is required, and the only user action required is to attempt to log in again.

    12/13/2022 - Google is experiencing an issue with Gmail, Google Chat, and Google Voice. Their engineering team continues to investigate the issue. Users may be facing unavailability for Gmail, Google Chat, and Google Voice.

    12/6/2022 - Classlink login using AD is not working. Use Google Login. It appears to be resolved.

    11/19/22 9:30 AM - Palmdale School District Internet is currently down. An update will be provided soon. 

    10/03/22 - Frontline Professional Growth is having some problems with login and performance

    9/23/22 1:45pm - Internet at PACS is down. Network techs are on site assessing the situation, no current ETA.

    9/22/22 - 7:30am - Classlink is having login issues. Classlink is investigating the issue but no current ETA. You can monitor their live status page here.

    9/15/22 - 8:00am - Zoom is currently down, this is an issue on Zoom's side. No current ETA, you can monitor their live status page on the "Live Status Pages" section of this site. - Resolved 8:45am.


    9/3/22 - 9:00am both internet connections to PSD are down, we will provide timeline in next hour. 

    UPDATE - 09/03/22 10:45 am: Internal systems are down due to a planned update, Estimated Time for the fix 12:00 pm

    Online hosted systems not affected: Google Workspace, Infinite Campus 

    Systems Affected:

    • Classlink
    • Global Protect - VPN
    • Network Printing
    • Infinite Visions
    • Versatrans
    • Shared Drives 

    UPDATE - 09/03/2022 01:12 PM Update completed.


    8/29/22 -  7:00am -  Issue identified with Classlink when trying to reset or set your initial password. Issue has been escalated to Classlink but there is no current resolution. If you are  getting prompted to change or reset your password in Classlink, you will need to sign in to a computer on campus.

    8/22/2022 - 8:00am - Google Classroom is having issues and is prompting users to enter a CAPTCHA code. This is a multidistrict issue and Google is working on it, for now please enter the CAPTCHA codes to gain access to the Google Classroom. This should be resolved now as of 10:40.


    8/5/22 - 7:30AM - Student Logins are not working properly. The issue appears to affect students in grades 6 - 10 and newly created students for the 22-23 school year. Technology is working the problem now. 7:50AM -  The issue may affect students in any grade level. - Resolved 10:40am, passwords should be working  again and set back to their 8 digit birthdays as before. 


    8/4/22 - Student Logins are not working properly. The problem is being researched. Check back here for updates and resolution.  9:17AM - IA students may now login with their 8 digit birthday. MMDDYYYY.  10:28AM -  ALL student accounts have been updated with their 8 digit birthday. MMDDYYYY. New student accounts are being created now and will be available 8/5/22. Grades 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 will be required to change their default passwords beginning 8/5/22.
    8/4/22 - ParentSquare - PSD's communication system did not accept the new years data rollover (Courses etc). Technology is working directly with Parent Square to resolve ASAP. 10:48 - ParentSquare is now updated with current Course data.


    7/8/22 - 2:50pm - Internet link to LACOE is down, district is running on our backup internet link. This will effect LACOE direct systems, and some sites may experience no internet connectivity. No current ETA. - Resolved.


    5/31/22 - 7:00 am - Clearpass, our wireless authentication system is having issues. This will cause intermittent issues with trying to connect to the PSD Wifi. The network team is aware of the problem and working on a resolution. - Resolved 3:45pm


    5/28/2022 08:00 AM to 4:30 PM - SSL Certificate renewal. This will affect wireless networking, VPN access, Infinite Visions, Smart Tag, JAMF, Mosyle, KACE K1000, KACE K2000,, and, 


    5/10/22 - 8:00am - CAASP/SBAC is having statewide connection issues. The state is working to resolve the problems but no ETA currently. It is probably best to pause testing and resume tomorrow at this point. - Should be resolved as of 11:30am.


    5/9/22 - Frontline absense management system is offline. Frontline has been notified. HR has reached out to site Admins to kee them informed. No ETR at 7:18am. Resolved at 9:00am.

    5/6/22 - Palmdale is experiencing a failure with a host in our Data Center. The team is forced to bring the affected system down manually to recover. The following services will be affected until approximately 11 am today.
    11:19am - Host Server is currently rebooting.  ETR: 12:00pm.

    * Network Printing - Should be up  -11:30am
    * Infinite Visions - Should be up  -11:30am
    * Classlink  - Should be up  -11:30am
    * Status Page - Should be up  -11:30am

    * Safety Camera viewing - This is still down as of 11:30am. 

    4/8/22 - 10:30am - Some users are experiencing connection errors in Infinite Campus. We have contacted Infinite Campus and they are looking into the issue for us. No current ETA. - Resolved


    4/8/22 - 7:00am - AirServer is having connection issues, this is due to our antivirus software, Sophos. The team is investigating but we do not have a current ETA. - 

    Update - 9:20am - a fix has been found, if you encounter the popup, please click on the option that says "I have already configured Sophos Intercept X for AirServer" - Resolved

    3/14/22 9:22 AM - LACOE is working on internet connection for PSD, no LACOE services should be down. - Update from LACOE, issue has been identified but cannot be fixed until the normal maintenance window between midnight tonight and 6am tomorrow morning.


    3/14/22 7:50 AM - LACOE internet connection for PSD is down. No ETA yet or confirmation if any LACOE services are down. 


    3/3/22 - 7:00am - BEST is currently unavailable as reported by LACOE. The ETA is TBD, you can keep an eye on the BEST portal for updates directly from LACOE: . This is not something that PSD Tech Services manages, so we will need to wait on LACOE to resolve the issue. - Resolved - 9:00am.


    3-1-22 7:00am - Infinite Campus is not allowing logins from parts of the District.  Check here for updates. Infinite Campus is aware and working on the situation. - This should be resolved now, if you are still having issues, please clear your cache in Chrome or reach out to your site TSL for assistance in doing this.


    2-15-22 11:00am - Informed K12 is experiencing very long loading times with the possibility of time out requests. No other information available. - resolved


    2/14/22 8:00am - AirServer is having issues connecting. Tech Services is investigating, no current ETA. - This should be resolved, you will need to reboot your computer for the fix to apply.


    2/14/21 7:30am - Both of our internet connections are having stability issues this morning. This is a district wide issue and is being worked on, no current ETA. - Resolved 10:00am.


    2/5/22 - 9:00am - 3:00pm - Infinite Campus is experiencing an issue with their firewall. They anticipate services will be restored by 3pm today. - JMS - Resolved


    1/25/22 - 9:45am - Infinite Campus is having intermittent connection issues. We are reaching out to them for an update, no eta currently. - Should be resolved


    1/24/22 8:00am - Infinite Campus is experiencing server issues causing delays in load times or not loading at all. Infinite Campus is working on the issues, but no current ETA. - Should be resolved - 12:00pm


    1/24/22 8:00am - Classlink is experiencing server side issues, creating either long load times or no loading at all, 502 Bad Gateway errors and other issues. Classlink is aware of the issue and working on it, no current ETA. - Resolved 12:00pm.


    1/13/22 - 7:00am - We are experiencing district wide wifi connectivity issues. Network team is working on the issue, no current ETA. If you can get to a computer with a hard wired connection, you will be able to login and access our systems. - Resolved 11:00am


    12/15/21 4:33am - EHallpass is currently unavailable due to Amazon Web Server (AWS) issues from their hosting company. This is being worked on by Amazon but we do not have a current ETA from them. - Resolved 12/16/21

    12/15/21 8:00am - Illuminate is down to a server issue on their side. - Resolved 8:50am


    12/7/21 8:00am - Amazon Web Services are having issues, this affects anything accessed through Classlink, you may see delays in retrieving pages. This is outside of our control and is being worked on by the vendor. No current ETA. - Resolved

    12/7/21 8:00am - Renaissance Learning is experiencing an outage. No current ETA. - Resolved


    12/03/21 9:00pm - Network Operations Center (District Office) - Offline. The IT team has diagnosed a fault in the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS) system. This created a complete internal internet outage. The manufacturer of the ATS has been dispatched.  Systems are coming back online now under manual control. ETA 12/4/21 1:30pm. Technology continues to monitor and work to repair with our vendor. 12/04/21 5:20pm - All systems are online. Technology continues to work with the vendor on root cause analysis and remediation.


    11/16/21 9:56am - Titan is having issues with their systems, anyone using Titan will be effected. No current ETA. - Resolved - 10:28am


    11/8/21 - ongoing intermittent slow responses from the internet in general. These issues should be resolved, please report any ongoing issues to your site TSL so they can relay the info to our network technicians.

    10/28/21 - 8:54AM Power is current out at Desert Willow Magnet School. No current ETA. UPDATE: Power restored at approximately 9:36AM

    10/26/21 - 8:58am SAM (Read 180, Math 180, System 44 and English 3D are down. No current ETA. 10/26/21 Services restored 

    1:30pm - 10/11/21 - Power surged at the District Office causing the internet to go down temporarily. Sites are also experiencing an outage, the equipment is being investigated, no ETA currently. - 2:00pm Resolved, issues may continue depending on the high winds.


    11:30am 9/23/21 - District Internet and related services are currently down. The Technology Services team is working to get it back up and running. We currently do not have an ETA.  Update: 12:20pm, the internet should be back up for most, other services that are hosted here are coming back up slowly, ETA ~3 hours for full restoration of services. Update - 1:50pm, most servers are back online. iVisions, Destiny still having issues. - Update 2:15pm: All systems back online except for iVisions. - Resolved 4:30pm.


    8:00am 9/15/21 - District Printer servers are having issues allowing users to print. The Technology Services team is working to investigate the issue, but we do not have a current ETA. This is affecting any networked printer for the district. - Resolved 10:45am


    9:00am 9/14/21 - Chromebook login issues, there are issues with logging in to Chromebooks right now, Google is investigating the issue but we do not have a current ETA. - Resolved 5:00pm.


    8/23/21 12:15pm - Internet link to LACOE via Spectrum is down. Currently running only on our second link. This should have minimal impact on most services. Informed K12 is one of these systems. - Resolved


    8/18/21 8:30am - District File Servers are having issues, X/Y/W/R/Q drives are all having issues, IVisions, and other systems are currently unavailable. -Resolved 8/18 - 9:10am


    8/10/21 9:10am - District File Servers are having issues, X/Y/W/R/Q drives are all having issues, IVisions, and other systems are currently unavailable. Current ETA 20 Minutes to 2 hours. -Updated 9:40am. Problem has been identified and is currently being worked on to resolve. ETA remains the same. - Updated 10:05am. - Resolved 3:30pm


    8/10/21 - 8:45am - Classlink login is producing an endless loop, not allowing a login at this time. We are checking with Classlink for the root cause. Use the backup links page in the mean time. No ETA for a fix as of now. Resolved - 9:50am. If you are still experiencing issues, please reach out to your site TSL or Tech Services.


    8/2/21 6:30am - Internet link to LACOE via Spectrum is down. Currently running only on our second link. This should have minimal impact on most services. Informed K12 is one of these systems. - Resolved 8:00pm


    7/28/21 6:45am - Gmail may be having issues, Google is investigating. - Resolved 12:00pm.


    7/12/2021 11:47 AM - Internet link to LACOE via Spectrum is down. Currently running only on our second link. This should have minimal impact on most services. - Resolved.


    7/12/2021 Starting at 4:56 AM. Several servers were down due to a problem with our virtual server system.  Systems that were affected: District Share Drives (X/W/R) and the Wifi access.

    7/12/2021 - Brief internet outage due to the rebooting of a switch.

    7/5/2021 - Damaged fiber caused internet outage at the following sites:

    Desert Willow 36555 Sunny Lane (service restored 7/6/2021 at 4:17 AM)

    Barrel Springs 3636 Ponderosa Way (service restored 7/6/2021 at 3:12 AM)

    Yellen 37015 Goldenview Way (service restored 7/6/2021 at 2:35 AM)

    Cimarron 36940 45th St East (service restored 7/6/2021 at 3:06 AM)

    Joshua Hills 3030 Fairfield Ave (service restored 7/6/2021 at 3:49 AM)

    Mesquite 37622 43rd St.  (service restored 7/6/2021 at 3:07 AM)

    Quail Valley  37236 58th St. East (service restored 7/6/2021 at 1:49 AM)

    Shadow Hills  37315 60th St East (service restored 7/6/2021 at 1:36 AM)

    Los Amigos  6640 East Ave R-8 (service restored 7/6/2021 at 1:36 AM)

    Golden Poppy   37802 Rockie Ln (service restored 7/6/2021 at 2:03 AM)

    Buena Vista    37005 Hillcrest Dr (service restored 7/6/2021 at 2:22 AM)

    Site 18 / Personnel Commission / Innovations Academy 37230 37th Street East (service restored 7/6/2021 at 3:31 AM)


    6/27/21 11:59 pm - Infinite Campus will be down as we migrate to Cloud Hosting until 7/3/21. - Resolved 7/1/21 - 3:00pm. Please use the new link to Infinite Campus here:


    6/21/21 7:30am - Classlink is having a 403 bad gateway error, it will be inaccessible until the issue is fixed on the Classlink side. Please use:  to get to classlink in the meantime. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Updated 6/25/21: The Classlink website address has permanently changed to the temporary address given,   Please update any bookmarks you may have saved locally to the desktop or in your Google Chrome browser. If you are somewhere on campus, a policy should reach your computer to update that in the background. The link on our website has been updated as well.


    6/24/21: 12:00pm - Virtual servers are having issues, possible effected systems: Share drives (W/X/R), VersaTrans, Print Servers and other locally hosted things. No ETA currently. Possible fix may require rebooting our networking core, which will bring down everything including the internet for a while. - Resolved 7:00pm 6/24/21. Continue monitoring and call the HelpDesk if there are any issues.


    6/21/21 10:45am - District office share drives and W drives are having issues. No ETA currently. Infinite Visions is also effected. - Resolved 2:00pm


    6/15/21 - 4:46 PM Service was restored by the Internet Service Provider and confirmed up.
    6/15/21 -  7:30
    Internet connection for the main district office and web services are currently down. We have failed over to our connection for the school sites.
    Regular internet usage from within the network is normal.
    Any web-based service that originates from outside the district are unavailable such as VPN services, Infinite Campus, Deputy Helpdesk and Nurse's Helpdesk are down. 


    6/12/21 - 8:00 am Palmdale's primary internet service provider (ISP), LACOE / Time Warner is experiencing an outage. Palmdale and LACOE IT are working the issue for resolution. No ETA. Infinite Campus and Classlink are known to be affected at this time. Palmdale's backup internet link is holding all other traffic up. Resolved 6:30pm.


    6/7/21 - 7:00am - Infinite Campus and Destiny at the school sites is not functioning properly. Network and Infinite Campus team is working on the problem, no estimated time frame for restoration yet. - Resolved 12:00pm.


    5/13/21 - 8:00 am - Benchmark Universe did not update their security certificate yet. Please press the "Advanced" button and click "Proceed to (unsafe)" to access Benchmark Universe. - Resolved


    5/12/21 - 4:00 pm - iPads that are not attaching to the PSD wireless network need to get an updated profile from the internet. The site techs have more information on how to attach to the internet at school. Some iPads need to be reset to install the profile.

    The AirServer issue has a temporary workaround which is to use the AirServer Connect application. We are still working on another solution that doesn't require the use of this application.

    Instructions on how to use the AirServer Connect app are here:


    5/11/21 - 12:44 - Apple iPads have had a series of issues over the past two days resulting in a loss of connectivity. This is related to an updated security certificate and device WiFi profile. The IT department is working to resolve this across the organization now.  

    5/11/21 - 12:44 - Apple iPads are experiencing issues in AirPlay, locating the desired Laptop or Promethean panel. Technology is trying suggested  fixes with a pilot site before widespread deployment can occur.


    Resolution for iPads connecting to Prometheans: The Prometheans need a driver update to be Installed. This driver is being rolled out via KACE but it will take a couple of check-ins into KACE. Your site tech can manually install it if it is needed sooner.

    5/11/2021 - 11:45am - Infinite Campus is experiencing intermittent issues.   |   Resolved 12:43pm. TOMCAT Services hard restarted by Infinite Campus support.


    04/12/21  10:55  "PSD" Wireless is experiencing authentication issues. If you are currently connected and can avoid rebooting, your connection should stay current. New logins are being rejected. Staff is working on this. No ETA at the moment. - Resolved 2:15pm


    04/12/21  7:25 AM  Classlink login with Active Directory username and password is having issues. Login with your Google username and password if available. Resolved - 7:35 AM.


    03/16/21 09:43 AM  Infinite Campus - Attendance Loading issues. - Resolved.


    03/17/21 06:30 AM Internet to and from PSD is DOWN. LACOE (our ISP) has been notified and diagnostics / repairs are initiated.   07:30 AM Internet is Back up. We have no additional information from our ISP. We are monitoring the situation.


    Infinite Campus - Down for Maintenance - Friday, Mar 12 2021, from 7:30 PM to Saturday, Mar 13 @ 9 AM.


    3/1/21 - 8:40am - Hapara is experiencing an outage. - Resolved:  9:30am


    2/22/21 - 6:38am (Reported) - Internet Outage. All sites and DO are disconnected. Phone call into our ISP, LACOE.  |  8:37am - LACOE confirms an issue with the Spectrum Enterprise fiber interconnecting us. They have opened a ticket with Spectrum Enterprise.  |  10:40am Line card identified as failure point at our provider. Estimated Time to Repair 2 hours.  |  1:36pm - Replacement parts did not solve the situation. The problem is being escalated further. LACOE reports this is affecting multiple clients.  | 3:40pm LACOE Reports an update from Spectrum Enterprise with a part delivery within two hours.  |  7:55pm - LACOE Reports Spectrum Enterprise replaced additional hardware and made the situation worse. Widespread SoCal Spectrum Internet issues are being reported on the NEWS. No ETA.  |  Check back here for status.


    2/19/21 - 10:00am District wide internet outage. All PSD hosted sites will be affected. No ETA currently. All google services should still work. -Update 10:45am, internet is on but not all services are back up. - Update 11:30, Most systems are back online and available for use. Initial reports of the outage are due to a fire event and suppression system activation in the Network Center. This is under investigation now for the exact cause.


    1/30/21 - 8:00am - District wide internet outage. All PSD hosted sites will be effected. No ETA currently. All google services should still work. - Resolved 5:00pm, internet is on but we have not received confirmation there will be no further interruptions. 


    1/27/21 - 10:00am - Renaissance Learning having loading issues through Classlink. Use the backup link to access the program. - Resolved 12:35pm


    1/25/21 9:25am - District Internet outage, issue is on LACOE's end. No ETA currently.  All PSD hosted systems affected, IC, IV etc. - Appears to be resolved as of 3:45pm. It may go back down since repairs are still under way.


    1/14/21 - 8:45am - Clever Portal experiencing issues, affected systems: Zearn Math and Amplify Science  - Resolved 10:30am


    1/12/21 - 8:20am - Google Slides experiencing errors through Classlink button. - Resolved: 10:45am


    01/10/2021 - Classlink Active Directory Login has been reported to IT as not working. Google login works. Staff are investigating as of 1:40pm. - Resolved 2:15pm.


    12/14/2020 9:15am - Big Ideas Math is having login issues through Classlink. - Resolved


    12/13/2020 ~11:30am - Many internet services are currently down within Palmdale School District. Staff are onsite working the situation. Check back for updates. - Resolved 4:20pm


    11/16/2020 9:50am - Google login now working for Classlink, but Active Directory still having issues.  - Resolved: 11:15am - Please remember to connect your Google Account to your Classlink Account

    11/16/2020 6:45am - Classlink reporting slow logins/unable to login. Classlink is working on resolving the issue. - Resolved for Google Login only 9:50am.


    11/9/2020 10:00am - HMH logins are having issues - Resolved


    11/6/2020 8:00am - Zoom having reports of slow responses and use. - Resolved 11:00am

    10/14/2020 10:40 am - Hapara Service Disruption. - Resolved


    10/6/2020 - 7:00am - Classlink Active Directory Login system down, "Sign in with Google" is working fine, please remember to link your Google Account to your Classlink Account. - Resolved 8:42am


    10/04/2020 - 10:37am - Internet Services for Palmdale School District.    7:30pm - ISP troubleshooting over-temp situation with their laser. Possible ETA to repair 12:00am. Repair not certain.   4:50am - Senior level Cisco engineers are working the problem. The Internet is still down with no specific ETA to repair. Check back often for updates. - Resolved 10/5/20 - 8:15am

    Following Services have outages:

    • Infinite Campus - Resolved 10/5/20 - 8:15am

    • Classlink : - Resolved 10/5/20 - 8:15am

      •  Sign in with Active Directory - Resolved 10/5/20 - 8:15am

    My files - Shared Folders ( W drive, X drive and more ) - Resolved 10/5/20 - 8:15am


    9/23/2020 - 7:30am - Classlink Active Directory login not working.  Google Login working fine. - Resolved 8:25am.


    9/16/2020 - 7:05am - Classlink Active Directory login not working, Google Login seems stable. - Resolved 1:30pm 

    9/16/2020 - 9:53am - W Drive and other network drives unavailable in Classlink.  - Resolved 3:20pm


    9/15/2020 - 7:51am - Google Drive having issues - Resolved at 9:17am.


    9/14/2020 - 9:00am - Classlink having login issues. 

    9/14/2020 - 10:47am - Classlink, Google login now working, Active Directory login still down.

    9/14/2020 - 10:53am - Classlink issues resolved.


    9/9/2020 - 12:42pm - Classlink is having login issues - Resolved at 3:15pm



    Classlink - Total outage. 

    Google - intermittent issues with Drive and related systems