Titles Name Email Address Phone Number
ASSISTANT SUPERINTENDENT Elena Esquer meesquer@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6755
Executive Assistant Claudia Mejuto cbmejuto@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6755
DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION-MIDDLE GRADES / MSAP GRANT Dr. Jodie Radford jcradford@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6751
Administrative Secretary Astrid Cante aacante@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6763
Account Clerk I Roger Krause rgkrause@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6761
Warehouse Worker Delivery Driver II Pablo Romar pdromar@palmdalesd.org
District learning Support Teacher Annie Jackson ajackson@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6711
COORDINATOR OF MSAP GRANT Amanda (Amy) Palomo acpalomo@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6758
EL Instructional Coach MSAP Marilyn Pearce mepearce@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6754
DIRECTOR OF CURRICULUM & INSTRUCTION - ELEMENTARY Kelly Jensen kwjensen@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6750
Administrative Secretary Veronica Rodriguez verodriguez@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6757
District Learning Support Tchr Kathy Meiser kameiser@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6752
District Learning Support Tchr Nancy Olguin nbolguin@palmdalesd.org
Lead Library Aide Colleen Murphy crmurphy@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6760
COORDINATOR OF EXTENDED LEARNING & COMMUNITY OUTREACH Candace Craven cacraven@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6710
Administrative Clerk II Maritza Abrego meabrego@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6738
COORDINATOR OF EDUCATIONAL TECHNOLOGY Christine Jones cejones@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6753
Project/Curriculum Center Clerk Teresa Ennis taennis@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6713
Instructional Coach Steve Stucky scstucky@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6774
Instructional Coach Melissa Shields mmshields@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6773
Instructional Coach Jeri Sloane jasloane@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6773
Instructional Coach Dan Hauptman dphauptman@palmdalesd.org
COORDINATOR OF ASSESSMENT FOR LEARNING Diana Nardi djnardi@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6715
Administrative Clerk II Susan Barriga sbarriga@palmdalesd.org 661.789.6716
COORDINATOR OF TEACHER SUPPORT Jill Bradford jsbradford@palmdalesd.org 661.223.3319