• From the Desk of the Principal
    Dr. Conteh

    Mr. Conteh


    Dear Buena Vista Teachers, Parents, Students, and Community,

    Welcome back to Buena Vista, an oasis of learning where every child is appreciated and cherished. When you enter our school, the warmth and love of family permeates immediately, from the front office through the classrooms and to the playground. Our students are absolutely beautiful, charming, bright, intelligent, polite, and well-spirited.  We value and celebrate a most diverse and multicultural student body with a myriad of activities and events.

    The 2017-2018 school year, Buena Vista, will maintain a safe and fun learning environment that will prepare our children for outstanding academic and social success; a place where students excel, where spirits soar, where individual and collective creativity is explored, nurtured and encouraged; and a conduit to the future, embracing and involving the community around us. 
    I believe that we exist in the universe of possibility.  I believe in the possibility of phenomenal success for our students; staff who love positively influencing young minds, and a community that believes in our school as a viable vehicle for change and support. But first, we need you to believe in the possibilities. Won’t you please make the commitment to Buena Vista and our students and embark on this fantastic journey with me?
    We welcome you to come by and learn more about our fantastic school and to see the wonderful things our dedicated and hardworking staff are doing and have accomplished. We look forward to seeing you soon!
    Dr. Alusine Conteh