Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA)

  • MFA Factors : Password plus Proof equals access


    In the past, electronic devices only relied on one of three methods to verify identity: knowledge-based factors (such as usernames, passwords, and PIN codes), possession-based factors (like security keys, tokens, or bank cards), and inherence-based factors (such as voice, fingerprints, and facial recognition).


    You may be familiar with the concept if you've used Two-factor Authentication (2FA) for your bank account. 2FA requires two different factors to confirm identity.


    Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) is a more comprehensive term that uses multiple factors to verify identity.


    Palmdale School District implemented the industry-leading MFA application, DUO, to enhance cybersecurity and reduce hacking risks for all staff and management. By expanding MFA use, we aim to increase the security of our computer systems and protect user information from ransomware attacks.



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