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Quail Valley Academic and Citizenship Recognition

Students at Quail Valley are recognized for the achievements in both academics and citizenship.  At the end of each semester, an awards ceremony is held and parents are invited to attend.  During each ceremony teachers recognize students for making good choices and being good citizens with our Citizenship Award.  Students who earn this award have showed their awareness of the value and hold the Chameleon standards of excellence in and out of the classroom.  Students are also awarded for the academic excellence with three different awards:  Personal Success Award- this is given to all grades and ranges in academic criteria from TK-2 as having all As and Bs, to having a GPA of 3.0-3.49 in grades 3-6.  Principal’s Honor Roll is awarded to students in grades 3-6 for earning a GPA of 3.5-3.99 and Superintendent’s Honor Roll is awarded to those students who have earned a perfect 4.0 in grades 3-6.  In order to be successful in school, students need to be at school.  A Perfect Attendance award is given out at each semester and then a second one at the end of the year for all students who have been at school EVERY day without ANY tardies or being checked out early at the end of the day.