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Messages from the Superintendent & School Board President

  • A Message from the Superintendent – Raul Maldonado

    I’m excited to report on the current state of our Palmdale School District.

    Through the Facilities Master Plan, we’re making excellent progress on completing needed fixes to the various schools within our district. One summer project I’m especially looking forward to is getting many of the schools repainted. This will go a long way in helping to increase home values throughout Palmdale.

    On May 24, our students involved with the Latino Film Institute had their film release party. This involves much more than teaching our students the ins and outs of filmmaking. We have found it to be a process that teaches students team building skills, how to work with varied personalities, how to work together toward a common goal, etc. It’s all about teaching important life building skills as our students get ready for the workplace.

    Our partnership with the Latino Film Institute has proven to be one of the best things for our district because students have been learning how to work together in a constructive way.

    I’m proud to report how well the Palmdale School District foundation is helping our music students. The foundation has benefited our music program as proceeds raised have helped buy instruments for students to use inside the new music program.

    It’s amazing to see how the Board and everyone as a whole, have gotten behind not only bringing back music, but also sports and art. These activities are vital in helping our students learn teamwork and in developing a variety of life skills that will benefit them throughout their entire lives.

    In conclusion, it’s thrilling to see the current state of the Palmdale School District (and the further improvements coming soon) and know that it all adds up to helping our students flourish not only now but also into the future.


    A Message from the PSD Board President – Nancy Smith

    With summer just around the corner, I would like to take this time to bring you up to speed on our efforts to improve our schools since Measure PSD was passed. As a part of our Student Centric Facilities Master Plan (SCFMP), assessments were made regarding how to best move forward with improving our Palmdale schools. These included reviewing all areas of need:

    • Site Condition (fields, walkways, paving, etc.)
    • Building Functionality (size, technology, storage, electrical outlets, etc.)
    • Building Condition (windows, ceiling, floors, doors, etc.)
    • Building Key Performance Indicators (indoor air quality, temperature control, lighting, etc.)
    • Site Functionality (parking spaces, drop off, outdoor seating, grass fields, track, etc.)

    In accordance with our Guiding Principles, we are making progress. Our Guiding Principles include the following:

    Vision: Palmdale will become a district where every student leaves ready for success in high school and beyond - College, Career and the Global World.

    Goals: Create a roadmap that produces globally competitive learning environments for every student.

    Here is a small sampling of work already completed:

    *Barrel Springs Elementary School - Improvements to the kindergarten and elementary school's playground were completed, including rubber surface patching and the installation of new slides with canopy, bedway, and exit support.

    *Cactus Middle School - Enhancements to the school front were made in addition to roofing improvements and parking/paving upgrades.

    *Cimarron Elementary School - Improvements to the elementary school's playground surface, including patching up tears and holes with similar surface color, were completed.

    We have successfully brought music and arts back to our district, helping students benefit from these important areas of interest. The new interscholastic sports league for the middle schools has been helpful in allowing students to meet other students from other schools within the district.

    One of the major projects we have coming up for this summer is new paint to help update each campus.

    We are excited to be well on the way to realizing our above-stated goal and vision.

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