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Dual Immersion

Dos Caminos Dual Immersion 

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We are proud to offer our students.

• A bilingual/bi-literate educational program
• Build proficiency in two languages with a 50/50 instructional model
• We develop and build on our students' social and emotional well-being through Capturing Kids Hearts and PBIS.
• We offer an opportunity to explore their interest in our 6-8th Steam classes
• Develop Cinematographic experience with the Youth Cinema Project.
• Learn to play Mariachi Music in a Mariachi Group.
• Learn how to code and build in Robotics and PLTW
• Teach leadership skills and finance via ASB

Los Amigos

 Los Amigos Dual Immersion with STEAM emphasis prides itself on being one of the highest performing K-8 schools in the Palmdale School District.
The implementation of a Dual Language program is proof that learning two languages provides students with the skills needed to achieve and be successful not through high school, but beyond. Knowing two languages will provide students with more future opportunities. We are also WASC certified. Los Amigos also has a STEAM emphasis, which provides our students with many other opportunities including Robotics, Project Lead the Way and Mariachi. Our Biliteracy Program provides students with the opportunity to attain the Pathway to Biliteracy award. We also have an award winning ASB club, sports programs, which include, volleyball, basketball and soccer. Go Dragons!

Manzanita Elementary

 We are excited to continue to expand our Dual Immersion program. Currently, the program runs from kindergarten through fifth grade. In the Dual Immersion program, students are taught 50% first language in Spanish and 50% first language in English. Students are expected to read, write, and speak in both English and Spanish and have high academic achievement in both languages. At Manzanita, we are proud to offer the Dual Immersion program.

Tumbleweed Elementary

 Tumbleweed is proud to be a Capturing Kids' National Showcase School. From our hearts, we proudly serve our students, families, staff, and community. We offer a multitude of extra-curricular activities, programs and clubs such as Aviation, Robotics, Dance, Cheerleading, Future Leaders Club, ASB, and many more.

Considering Dual Immersion?

The United States Department of Education highlights the numerous benefits of multilingualism for students. These include educational, economic, cognitive, and sociocultural advantages.
Educational Benefits:
- Students in dual language programs achieve equal or higher levels of success compared to those in English-only programs.
- Improved learning outcomes across various subjects.
- Linked to increased high school graduation rates among children of immigrants.
- Fosters creativity and abstract thinking.
- Enhances metalinguistic awareness for future language learning.
Economic Benefits:
- It opens up greater job opportunities in both the public and private sectors.
- Expands business prospects.
- Elevates occupational status and earning potential.
- Language skills are highly sought after in federal government employment.
Cognitive Benefits:
- Enhances executive function, including attentional control and mental flexibility.
- May potentially delay age-related cognitive decline and diseases such as Alzheimer's.
- Boosts intellectual flexibility.
Sociocultural Benefits:
- Fosters a greater understanding of diverse world cultures.
- Promotes empathy development.
- Strengthens connection to heritage cultures.
- Cultivates global awareness, reduces discrimination, enhances self-esteem, and builds cross-group relationships.