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First Steps

1331 West Elizabeth Lake Road

Palmdale, CA 93551

Phone: 661-274-0849  Fax: 661-273-1135

Office Staff


A.M. SessionAM Session

8:55 AM - 11:46 AM
Arrival: parent drop-off and bus loading 8:50 AM
Dismissal: parent pick-up and bus loading 11:35 AM

P.M. SessionPM Session

12:26 AM - 3:17 PM
Arrival: parent drop-off and bus loading 12:26 AM

Dismissal: parent pick-up and bus loading 3:06 PM


If you want to see if your child is eligible for Special Education Bus Transportation Services,
please contact our school office at 661-274-0849.
If you are inquiring about a late bus, don't hesitate to contact
the Transportation Dispatcher at 661-229-4065.


  • Call 661-274-0849 to request an assessment. Your address and child’s age qualifications will be confirmed, and you will be referred to our Intake Clerk
  • The Intake Clerk will gather basic information about your child and your specific concerns and a packet will be mailed that explains the registration process
  • Parents will need to complete the registration process at the First Steps Special Education Preschool Office. Required documents include your child's Birth Certificate, immunization record and a current utility bill.  Once the child is registered, an appointment will be made to gain the parent’s consent for assessment. The child will be assessed within 60 days of  receiving the signed forms, and parents will receive assessment dates, times, and location
  • The Assessment Team varies depending on the needs of the child and is normally comprised of a School Psychologist, a Nurse, and a Speech/Language Pathologist. Parents need to be present during the assessment.
  • A meeting is scheduled after the assessment so that the Assessment Team can share their assessment results with the parents. If it is determined that the child requires special education services, an Individual Education Program (IEP) will be developed. The IEP identifies the appropriate goals, services, and educational settings to support the child.